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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Few Books, Lots of Booze for Rural Teens

Try playing the $125/mo English teacher in rural Ukraine.

No castles, no showers, no bidets. No textbooks either.

Well, here’s the consolation prize: booze.

Some bright kids go for the books.

Others don’t. What a great supply of labor migrants for energy-rich Russia and englightened Europe.

The same Europe that pays less for Russia’s gas and values some of Ukraine’s elites so much. Talk about European values.

Luckily, those 45 Ukrainians on board the Costa Concordia have survived. Will the captain apply for asylum? In Russia or Mezhyhirya maybe?

Meanwhile, Tymoshenko’s tigress is expecting. Some French guy did this.

No, he’s not in the government and hasn’t picked up his Légion d'honneur yet:)


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