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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tymoshenko Tigers Up Presidential Campaign

The presidency becomes her. Stunt by stunt.

Last Wedenesday, she renationalized Yanukovych’s Mezhyhirya residence — a 137 hectare (339 acre) property privatized in a shadowy scheme with Yushchenko’s help.

This royal gift had remained a non-negotiable until her grand coalition talks with Yanukovych collapsed, wiping the slate clean.

She wants to be clean again. Her frenemy will be a dirty word as she struggles to position herself back into the jungle of her voters’ hearts.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: Well, it’s understood that the coming year of 2010 is the year of the white tiger. Therefore, I understand this gift is a certain mascot for the coming year of 2010. And I can say it firmly that I already dream of taking him somewhere to talks, especially when he grows up a little bit [giggles].

A special gift!

I think...I think he’ll say everything convincingly. I also think he can be appointed...adviser to the PM on combat...[giggles] Judging by his appearance, he likes it [giggles] but I think that such little gifts [giggles] can really be a lucky mascot for the year 2010. I want to thank you, and I think that the year [says год in Russian]...the year [quickly corrects herself with рік in Ukrainian] of the white tiger will be a successful one for Ukraine and for every one of you.

Whey not gift her with a salamander? Or with a flock of silent lambs?

Oh, by the way, she had a cargo plane named after her.



elmer said...

This was a gift, supposedly, to Yulia.

It is abominably stupid to take a tiger and make a gift out of it to any person. Tigers should be in their natural habitat.

She, in turn, has given the tiger to the Yalta Zoo.

It seems that several animals at the Yalta Zoo were killed - poisoned - because the owner of the zoo was shaking things up, and those being shaken up did not like what he was doing.

And what better way to demonstrate a dislike of policies than to - kill animals at the zoo.

The sovoks created some really nasty, amoral, vicious people.

In the meantime, Yulka is working with the Party of Regions to make it more difficult to run for president.

That includes raising the registration fee to around $1.5 million (or maybe it's hryvnia or Euros).

Either way, noone except oligarchs in Ukraine have that kind of money.

So, naturally, government of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs will continue in Ukraine.

The "grey masses" can fend for themselves.

Akhmetov and Yanuk and Yushchenko just made a big, huge deal out of the opening of the soccer stadium in Donetsk.

They even brought in Beyonce - yes, the one from the US - for the opening ceremonies, at a significant cost all the way around.

That's so oligarch Akhmetov can watch the Brazilians on the Shakhtar Donetsk soccer team try to win championships.

The Donetsk Brazilians just lost to Barcelona in UEFA competition.

In the meantime, the "grey masses" in Ukraine can fend for themselves.

And the little white tiger cub? If he's lucky, he'll get out of Ukraine.

Ropi said...

She should be careful because in a few years it may be the year of the armless politician thanks to the tiger. :P

Taras said...


Enjoy these Beyonce videos:

Too bad she didn’t perform “Bills, Bills, Bills.” That song really hits the spot when sung to oligarchs!


We're in the middle of the year of the Bristled Braid!:)