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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tymoshenko's Cleavage to Conquer Voters' Broken Hearts (Updated)

As Dmitry “Dr. Kremlinzer” Medvedev tries to fix Yushchenko's pro-Western head, Tymoshenko serenades her lovelorn voters — with her cleavage.

The charming braidless white-clad lady debuted at the opening of the Odesa Opera Theater's 200th season. I said debuted because, to the best of my knowledge, she had never exhibited that vote-getting part of her body before.

Now, if she jokingly calls her campaign ads “social advertising,” what does she call her recent public appearance? Social therapy?

Bravo, Yulia! You know I don't love you anymore. But I do think it's a much healthier lifestyle than staying at home, Kremlinizing neighbors, vlogging a dead horse and master Russia/slave Ukraine-bating.

Can she keep up with Vera Lengsfeld?



Ropi said...

Oh, you are so evil. Nowadays all girls/ladies do that who can. :D

I hope you had a pleasant holiday and hopefully, it wasn't only Tymoshenko's cleavage which called your attention in the past days. If it did, then I don't blame you.

Uh, Dr. Kremliniser, sounds tough but I think the Kremlinator is better but it may be just my taste.

By the way you have nice national anthem.

alan said...

It looks like Yulia will do what ever it takes to get a vote.

Gabriela said...

Do you think she really thinks that's enough for conquering voters?

Ropi said...

Hablo Espan~ol bastante bien, pero no me gusta este idioma.

Taras said...


Kremlinizer is a more diplomatic — and perhaps even romantic — term.

Yeah, girls just wanna have fun, as the song goes.

Tymoshenko's cleavage is a good case in point. It ruined my post-vacation bliss. I can't sleep at night!:)


You're right! They all will do whatever it takes. I can't wait to see the next public relations stunt.


I think she thinks that experimenting with her hair/fashion style is enough to make a fresh start:)

Michelle said...

Welcome back! I hope you are rested for the run up to the Presidential elections! ;) You are gonna be busy on this blog! :)

elmer said...

Ummm, what economic crisis?

It looks like the "political elite" in Ukraine is enjoying a wonderful life.

Was she not there with her husband?

Ropi said...

Ah, I see you updated the post. This case was in my mind when I read your post for first but I forgot to write it down. I am a bit scatter-brained at times.

By the way a comment for the guy next to him: pink tie with a grey suit? Or pink tie with anything? What the hell?

maybe she just wanted to drove away the attention from that and as you can see in my case it quite worked. :D

Lingüista said...

Your answer to Gabriela sounds true -- since Tymoshenko's trademarked braids were apparently an important part of her political image, getting a new style marks a break with the political past...

But all in all, I'm all in favor for brave female politicians who help us overcome patriarchy with their sex-positive attitude. Ms Tymoshenko is just sending the message that sex is good for everybody, including Prime Ministers. Let's have more of this attitude in future politics worldwide!

Now, what I'm afraid of is whether this was meant as flirtation with the Kremlinizer (great word by the way). Or then the cleavage is a pro-Russian gesture, following in Putin's topless footsteps. God, what will the next step be in this Ukrainian-Russian war of the flesh?

Lingüista said...

On a more serious tone -- what's your take on Mitya's anti-Ukrainian vlog post? One Moscow Times op-ed suggests it ends up being a gift to Yushchenko, who now can say 'I told you' about Russia's anti-Ukraine stance. Others guess Yushchenko is so far behind in the polls that Mitya figured he could do that and still see Yushchenko go -- 'I know you're not staying, so I'm not going to respect you anymore' or something like that.
What do you think?

elmer said...

Linguista, she (Yulia) and Putler are scheduled to play kissy face soon in a meeting in Poland.

One wonders what kinds of deals are being made between Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.

Because we know that both governments represent only oligarchs.

In Ukraine, that includes Yanukovych and his Party of Rogues, by the way.

Except that in Ukraine, one can freely talk about it and criticize without getting shot or killed.

In Rasha, criticizing Putler for representing only himself (and his billions) and oligarchs is verboten.

Lingüista said...

Oligarchs, oligarchs, oligarchs!... They existed in the West too, at some point. Hell, the Maffia was supposed to be a strong force in America too. How did they change that? And what can Ukraine do?... (If even Yatsenyuk seems to be connected to the status quo, who the heck is going to change the situation in Ukraine? Or should we pray for an anti-oligarch revolution at some point?)

In the beginning I had hoped Yuliya would be a good leader, but it turned out she is only thinking about herself, like the others. Taras, maybe you should run for office!...