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Friday, August 07, 2009

Tymoshenko: We’re the Team of Salamanders

Her party’s Viktor Lozynsky thrived on medieval rules of engagement. Her party’s 10th anniversary speech thrives on medieval mythology.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: Both during our first and second terms of office in parliament, there were people who behaved indecently. But today we’re different and we’re capable of purifying ourselves, capable of getting stronger. And all the things that we need to wash and take to the cleaners and renew our white, clean, bright and beautiful color of our banners — I think we’ll do it. We’re the team of salamanders that gets annealed in this flame, in this blaze, gets stronger, builds character, finds ways, restructures its ranks. And today we’re stronger than all the spetsnazes, Alfas, Berkuts, and SEALs combined. Because you and I are a team. No matter what they say about third-party candidates, it’s all a big illusion, a big deception that, you know, as in the case of the third leg: it looks like you have it, but in reality it just keeps you from moving. The responsibility rests with us, Ukraine’s entire pathway rests with us, and we’ll be doing everything to make it worth the while.

So you’re *the* team of salamanders? Then why do your salamanders smell like skunks and behave like hyenas? Why do they mass-troll Ukrayinska Pravda with praise for the Queen of Salamanders?

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