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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kyiv Jackass Videos: Dicing With Death

They make money by selling their stunts to web sites, netting $300-$400 per minute.

At the end of the report, the 19-year old who mounts the metro train — to emulate a famous bridge jumper — suffers a decapitation.

Hmmm...conscripting our politicians into a jackass reality show would be
a fantastic moneymaker. Well, some of them (or their kids) don't need conscription, do they?

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Ropi said...

I think that show is not worth watching. By the way in Budapest our metros are lookinmg the same as these. However if one day our 4th line will be built the carts will be different there and the older ones may be replaced.

Taras said...

As of today, we only have three lines in Kyiv as well. Besides, we use the same metro cars. Your metro is much older, though.

Ropi said...

Yes, we have metro since 1896. It was built for our millenium. Hungarians entered to the Carpathian basin in 895 though but the constructions works were slow in those days as it is now.