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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

'We Will Stop Them!' Opposition Ad Targets Unemployed Youth

It’s Yanukovych’s pot of gold v. Tymoshenko’s prison bidet.

Placement agency: There's no work for you.

Jobseeker: New proFFessors? [a dig at Yanukovych (aka 'ProFFessor') and his luxury-packed Mezhyhirya residence] Knowledge still not in demand around here? Connections and bribes work better, huh? It's not honest work that's valued, but one's ability to steal and cheat. They don't need educated people. They dream of us becoming a herd of slaves. We can't live like that anymore. They must be stopped.

Voiceover: We will stop them! United opposition. Fatherland [Tymoshenko's party].

Nice try, guys! I almost felt like buying this. But then I thought again. And again. And now I have some questions for you.

Can you practice what you preach? Can the guy in the ad make it to the opposition ticket without “connections” and “bribes,” so to speak?

What about this opposition lady? What kind of knowledge did it take for her daughter to get such a nice government job?



Lingüista said...

Even though I understand your point (that Timoshenko's party might be just as bad) and think you're probably right, considering how Yanukovych is apparently bent on turning Ukraine into a Putin-like authoritarian state, isn't it worthwhile to let all forces join the fight against him? After the judicial reform, and that well-timed move to make Russian a local official language, I wonder what is going to happen if anti-Regiony forces allow themselves to be too critical of each other.

Taras said...

I've had my fun voting for the "lesser of two evils." And guess what? It didn't work.

In 2007, Tymoshenko promised so many good things. Instead, when the crisis came in 2008, we became the worst-hit country in Europe. Our currency devalued 60% and our economy contracted 15%.

Then she planted that time bomb of a gas deal that now has Ukraine paying more than most EU countries. Now watch Tymoshenko dismiss signs of crisis as ”absolutely not true”. If that's not enough, listen to how she praises her gas deal as Ukraine’s ”greatest victory.”

In June 2009, she tried to get into a Faustian grand coalition with Yanukovych . That same month, one of her MPs hunted and killed a fellow villager . Her party’s initial reaction? Award the killer. And where’s the guy who made the suggestion? On her party list. Up for re-election.

What about all those other ”salamanders” of hers who went on to join the Yanukovych majority? How do I know this won’t happen again?

If the opposition wants my vote, they need to try harder.