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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kinakh Kisses Yu Goodbye

Tuesday’s session of the Rada opened with an ominous speech by MP Anatoliy Kinakh, NSNU, who presides over the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP).

Mr. Kinakh made himself very clear: The confrontation between the government and opposition is eroding Ukraine’s competitive edge. He summed up his readout of the situation with the following, “We have no right to waste time; it’s time to gather stones.”

Don’t you get it? He’s joining the Yanukovych Cabinet! And he’s taking a loyal cadre of eight MPs with him. Here’s some fresh blood for Turncoats, Inc.

Kinakh, whose premiership from 2001 to 2002 superseded Yuschenko’s and preceded Yanukovych’s, will reveal his new job title tomorrow.

Happy landing, Mr. Kinakh! Best of luck in breathing the spirit of entrepreneurship into Ukraine’s 20th-century industry.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Kinakh will actually push PoR and Ukraine into WTO. Goodness knows Ukraine should have already become a member.

Anonymous said...

All part of PoR's "Sherman's march to the sea" but in this case it is "March to 300"! by hook or by crook.

It's funny/ironic that they should have named the Orangists 'plague' when in fact it is the PoR who are most acting like a viral spreading biological organism infecting and either turning healthy cells into diseased or killing them off.

Taras said...

That would be great. Ukraine should have been there a long time ago. But I’m not sure it’s a top item on Kinakh’s agenda. Kinakh is not the reformer type. He’s the stabilizer type, and his skills perfectly dovetail with the Anticrisis Coalition’s quest for “stability.”

The WTO will motivate him to the extent that he doesn’t want to upset his boss by letting Russia get there first.

I fully concur with your diagnosis:) That's the only thing they're good at.