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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maidan 2 in the Making?

Unless it’s just another hoax, a number of telltale signs suggest that mass mobilization has begun.

Speaking at a press conference today, Yushchenko stated his willingness to take appropriate action to defend Ukrainians’ constitutional rights. A draft directive to dissolve parliament arrived at the Vice Speaker’s desk during an emergency session of the Anticrisis Coalition.

Reports began to emerge of train and busloads of Donetskites being shipped to Kyiv. Rounded up at their workplaces, they will provide ground support for the PRU’s Friday forum “A United Ukraine is Our Future” (read: no Coalition of ImpUnity, no future for Ukraine). This event is designed as a counterweight to the first meeting of the National Rescue Committee to be held on the same day. The opposition rally will be held on Saturday, the day the NSNU convention opens. Tymo cut her French trip short to take part in the events.

Is this the real thing or just an extreme point in Yu’s bargaining with Ya? Stay tuned and you’ll find out.


Anonymous said...

What was Ty doing in France anyway? telling the French not to do business with Ukrainian govt/companies - imagine how this will be "spun" by PoR. Is that braid wrapped too tight?

Did she not learn her lesson after her return from Washington DC and the backlash to her speeches which were interpreted as getting permission from "tsar Bush" to hold early term elections.

Something is way off about her - WHOSE side is she on?

Anonymous said...

T. - could u explain the following to me as I do not understand it?

It seems that there is some "shame" attached to the concept of letting it all hang out (independent press) and that people long for the good old days when they did not the dirty deeds of their politicians or neighbors flapping in the breeze with the laundry.

Is it "shame"? or reaction to change (did not see this stuff on tv except examples from those Western countries)? or unable to divorce country pride from actions of knuckleheads? or cultural dimension - don't talk about the bad stuff? or a need for icons? or something else?

I don't get it. Rather than people going - yep - free press, Yeah!
we know all about our corrupt politicians there is a bemoaning of - there's no one to vote for!
(like there ever really was! look at Kuchma.)

Anonymous said...

I would not call it Maidan 2 but more like Ukraine without Kuchma (or Kuchism) 2.

Taras said...

She’s on her own side:) You’re right, that braid might interfere with oxygen supply to the brain time and again:( However, I still would love to see that braid being applied as a whip on Ya’s ass. And she does that part better than anybody else.

Her voyage to Paris coincided with Yanukovych’s trip to Brussels. I don’t see her US trip as containing more spin fodder than Yanukovych’s. Can anybody recall a charter flight for Jenny Tymoshenko sponsored by corporate America? I bet Davis and Manafort, the PRU’s Americanizers, would have already seized on the issue:)

The Communists and the oligarchs have made sure Ukraine will be a bipolar case for a long time to come. That’s why democracy means different things to different people.

Of course, Maidan may turn out to be a shadow of its former self. But that doesn’t excuse us from showing up and speaking up.

David said...

Well, I'm with Levko, the demands that Yusch has laid down will probably result in the NU caving in and compromising quite a bit to stay in power.

But things will be different and there's no question that the mass protest made a big diff.


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad people did show up and show themselves! yipeee! (Though I do fear for the Parliament being dissolved as the state will be bet. Yanukovych and Tymoshenko - both of whom are polarizing and may not get a clear majority.)

Taras said...

Maidan 2 certainly beat my estimates:)

A Ya-Ty majority = Maidan 3. Three Maidans in three years would be one too many. Let's make it two:)