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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Turncoats, Inc: Party-Shopping MPs Form Daughter Faction to Anticrisis Coalition

Apparent objective:

  1. Act as a sponge for similar-minded MPs badly-needed by the Anticrisis Coalition to gain a supermajority (300 votes) with which to silence Yushchenko’s veto-making machine;
  2. Maintain a pretense of acting independently.
Current membership list:
MP Inga Vershynina, former BYuT member
MP Maxym Lutsky, former BYuT member
MP Mykhailo Hladiy, former BYuT member
MP Mykhailo Zubets, former BYuT member
MP Olexander Borzykh, former BYuT member
MP Olexander Volkov, former NSNU member
MP Olexander Yedin, former BYuT member
MP Volodymyr Tolstenko, former BYuT member
MP Volodymyr Zaplatynsky, former NSNU member
MP Volodymyr Zubyk, former BYuT member
Ukrainian democracy has been suffering from post-election disenfranchisement for a long time. You come to the polls, you vote BYuT or NSNU, and the next thing you know a portion of people whom you voted into power to represent your interests is finding the grass to be greener on the other side.

Part of the blame goes to BYuT and NSNU. That’s what happens when you guys go selling parliamentary seats to gold-diggers. You can’t seriously expect more from people who can’t tell money-making from law-making. And so the never-ending story goes: “Money to get power, power to get money.”


Anonymous said...

I thought there was some new sort of rule that allowed parties to prevent their members from opting to support the other side...


Taras said...

The imperative mandate, in its present form, applies to local radas (councils) only:(

David said...

Well, that's significant.

You shd join us at OUkraine. It seems like the Donetskis are expecting a new election and are trotting out the russian language issue in anticipation of it.

I think it's going to come down to whether Yusch is willing to let go of the presidency so there can be early elections. I'm praying that he'll have the humility to realize that that is the right thing to do for Ukraine...


Taras said...

It’s crystal clear they’re getting the language thing started again — just-in-case style.

That’s how they plan to melt the hearts of those voters whom they’ve alienated with the snowballing costs of living. A recent poll shows that a staggering 84 to 86 percent of Ukrainians believe the nationwide winter utility hike to be a form of robbery. I’m talking about eastern Ukraine here. In the less-urbanized western Ukraine that figure reaches 80 percent.

The time to disband the Rada and the Yanukovych Cabinet is now. In April, they start buying back votes with minimum wage increases and stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Tymo picking up good vibrations from Yushch. I think the old man still hasn’t worked out his priorities.

Look who’s here! I can’t believe Michael Averko is still in business. He’s a funny guy, that’s for sure. But I really don’t want to waste a single post on him:) The last time I did this, I scared myself:)))

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with Mikey, he's easily ignored...

Yeah, I think it is gonna come down to Yusch getting personally convicted of his sins and that the best way he could atone for them is by not grasping to power for as long as possible, but rather admitting before Ukraine that he seriously failed the Orange Revolution and calling on them to help to complete it with another election.

ps, I'll be in WashDC on my own protest this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Not wasting a post -

I personally agree with that - but it only works if all people posting hold to it. (Although I have slipped once or twice and then catch myself.) Though I have to say that his presence as well as others, re-affirms my motivation to the imp. of people speaking out in the blogosphere. Otherwise they are only getting the Moscow version of events.


In regards to the 'old man'. I wonder if he realizes that his actions are only working aggressively to fulfill what others have said is his greatest fear, Yulia. Every time he appeases, he looks weak and she and her party gain in popularity.

Taras said...

The old man doesn’t seem to care. He seems to be bargaining for a small raise from Yanuk. Nor do I see much coordination between Joan of Arc and the “Israeli citizen.” I hope I’m being overly pessimistic here.

As for the Mikey business, right now I really don’t know. You see, I hate to get bogged down in blog battles that would hold me prisoner to my PC. (That’s one of the reasons I still haven’t swapped those links.)

To him, it’s just fun. To me, it’s something very different. It’s like a fire that keeps burning until I’ve spent all my fuel. And then I realize I’ve wasted my time and blew my schedule.

Remember my Orange Storm last March? In fact, my last post ran for three pages and I couldn’t post it no matter how hard I tried. I think Dan banned it. He either got sick with the subject or became too concerned I was stealing his show. But I thank him for stopping me because I really couldn’t stop myself:))

Wish I could join you in Washington. What will you protest against?

Anonymous said...

T - this is not dlw - diff. author

(I think he wrote that he went off to protest the war in Iraq)

Your write about it taking up time and energy (rt now I have insomnia but I know I will soon crash)
so I will be signing off.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link.

Well, I would hope some people would tell Yusch that. It takes some faith to believe that leaders who have been stuck in ruts for a long time can realize they are part of the problem and act selflessly, but I believe that sort of faith is called for here, both in the US and Ukraine...

Taras said...

Diff. Author,

I’ve already let you go. Don’t come back until you get your fair share of sleep:) I hope you won’t sleep all the way through our new elections;)


How did it go? Did you achieve your goals? People all over the world flip on the news and wonder how many more have to die before this "Vietnam 2" is over.

I probably asked that silly question because the thought of people dying a violent death every day makes you want to forget it.

I too hope that Yushchenko will find the faith to make the decision he has to make.

Otherwise, he’ll break Tymo’s heart and will have us singing REM’s “Losing My Religion” again.