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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lutsenko’s House Searched

They came early in the morning. They came looking for PCs and furniture to be seized as evidence in a second attempt of building an abuse of authority case. The idea is to prove Lutsenko guilty of "misappropriating" a gift gun to a certain entrepreneur in exchange for consumer goods.

Yanukovych has claimed no prior knowledge of the search, saying he learned about it on the news. Well, he should have read the morning papers. There’s an article in “Segodnya” that says a munitions cache has been discovered not too far away from Lutsenko’s premises. Why not call your best friend and get a free copy?

They haven’t booked Lutsenko yet, but interrogations have already begun. Just like that. Once you become a threat to the country’s “political stability,” somebody has to put the brakes on your geographic mobility. And in this regard, the Anticrisis Coalition is becoming all too predictable.


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