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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Peep Into Yanuk’s Birthday Celebrations

On July 9, 2008, Viktor Yanukovych celebrated his 58th anniversary.

MP Borys Kolesnikov, PRU: Well, Viktor Fiodorovich...Viktor Fiodorovich [patronymic transliterated from Russian] once loved to go hunting and fishing, that’s speaking of hobbies. Everyone…everyone will act depending on their imagination and financial capabilities, I think.

MP Anatoliy Tolstoukhov, PRU: And it’s not hunting gear that will prevail, but, say, landscapes, paintings.

MP Hanna Herman, PRU: I presented Viktor Fedorovych [patronymic transliterated from Ukrainian] with a portrait of his mother. We searched for a long time and finally found an old photograph. I magnified it and fit it into a frame, and today I put it on the leader’s table.

MP Leonid Hrach, CPU: Well, there’s no gift that a poor person could present to a rich one.

MP Oleh Lyashko, BYuT: Well, obviously some of the leaders will greet him, but you do realize that, in reality, it’s all a game. They greet each other in public, they smile, but in reality they everyone looks for ways to nail each other.

Valeriy Heletey, chief of the Ukrainian Secret Service (UDO): All the people who are under protection…we always come to terms and we always greet people on their birthdays. We always wish that they would feel secure and comfortable.

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky: I don’t…I don’t have any such things. I have nothing. I can even show you my pockets.

Mr. Hrach, Mr. Chernovetsky, you guys are incredible!

Tabloid has a picture report of the event.

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elmer said...

Well, since you brought it up --

This looked to me like a mafia gathering more than a birthday party.

Complete with Kalashnikov, the "warrior," who after beating up on journalists started screaming in an interview how he would "fight" for the party - not for Ukraine - the Party of Regions.

And this was the same Kalashnikov with whom Hanna Herman, one of the chief ass-kissers, said she could not be in the same party.

Soooo - Kalashnikov was dropped from the party list for the Rada, but he still comes around to kiss Yanuk's ass. Apparently, he's still hanging on and getting something from the mafia, I mean the Party of Regions.

He looked pretty grumpy.

And good ol' Akhmetov, the $31 billion man and good friend of Yushchenko, also showed up.

And Cherno the Martian brought his butt-boy Dovhy with him. Dovhy lent Yushchenko's son his expensive BMW, so Yushchenko supported Cherno the Master of Land Grab Corruption in the recent mayoral elections in Kyiv.

Ugly. Really, really, really ugly.

How can people in Ukraine look at this stuff and not puke?

How can people in Ukraine allow these thugs and thieves to continue operating?

Happy Birthday indeed.

Vitaliy said...

I was laughing so hard when I heard Chernovetsky's reply, especially after reading other user's commentary on censor's site:

у Черновецкого шо про шприцы и наркотики спрашивали? (Translation: Were they asking him about needles and drugs?)

That is hilarious.

Taras said...

Elmer, it was a typical Party of Regions event — nothing out of the ordinary. People have grown accustomed to such royal pageants over the years.

My gift would be a book of poetry by Anna Akhmatova, or Anna Akhmetova, as Yanukovych put in his unforgettable Freudian slip.

Tabloid reveals more of the gift economy. Tymoshenko sent Yanukovych a bouquet of flowers and Yushchenko an Orthodox icon called “Seven Holidays.”

The inscription read: “На многії і благії літа. Щоб усе було добре і у вас, і у нас, і в України.” (For many and good years. May everything be fine with you, with us, and with Ukraine.)

Now doesn’t it feel like Ukraine’s position on that wish list reflects the President’s list of priorities?

Vitaliy, that question really sticks!

He sounded as if trying to avoid a personal belongings/body cavity search.

Whatever happened to his first-term idea to have City Hall employees undergo polygraph testing?

Can’t Yushchenko buy him a lie detector instead of another icon?