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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Angry Commie MP Dismikes Female Reporter

After years of low-profile behavior, MP Oleksandr Tkachenko (CPU), a former Speaker and 1999 presidential hopeful, steals the mike again. Literally.

The man who inspired famous campaign spoofs “Ткаченко зможе якщо Віагра допоможе” (“Tkachenko will make it if Viagra can shake it”) is still going strong.

Reporter: Hi! Can I ask you about your idea, the one you suggested yesterday, about keeping journalists out of the cafeteria? I mean, please tell us, what did you mean by that?
MP Oleksandr Tkachenko (CPU):
First of all, I didn’t say it... And who told you this?

STB Reporter:
We heard it on the Rada floor...

Tkachenko: I said that we need coverage — from our press, Rada [channel], radio, television, newspapers — uh...not just on parliament’s activities and those of MPs and the Verkhovna Rada cafeteria, but coverage on how the coal miners are working, how the folks in the countryside are working, how the teachers, the doctors, and so on are working. And rather than hang around here within the confines of the Verkhovna Rada, you should go out into the field.

Reporter: Ahem, you’re also saying that we should go?
Tkachenko: And the Verkhovna Rada, the Verkhovna Rada...I want you to go talk to the people — that’s all I want — you don’t have to go anywhere else. And once you go talk to the people, you’ll have things to talk about.

Reporter: And what does the cafeteria have to do with this?
Tkachenko: It just can’t...the Verkhovna Rada is not the whole life yet.

And what does the cafeteria have to do with this?
Tkachenko: The cafeteria is’ have this route: from the Verkhovna Rada hallway into the cafeteria, from the cafeteria into the Verkhovna Rada hallway. It’s not the whole life yet.

Reporter: So what? So what? What does the...
Tkachenko: [slams microphone, walks away]

Reporter: [pursues him] How does it...please tell us, why are you...fighting like that? Please tell us, how does…what did you mean meant that?

Reporter: [holds out microphone, microphone flies into MP Tkachenko’s face as he walks through doorway]
Tkachenko: Just put it away! Or I'll throw it away! [snatches microphone and throws it away]

The Zhirinovsky School of Media Relations would definitely love to have him on board.

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Ropi said...

Well, all armies did horrible things in the Second World War. My goal was to point out that despite they were part of the Nazi system they were neither better nor worse than US, Soviet, British military etc... but the winners write history.

The Hungarian army was advancing in the direction of the Ukraine so probably we were part of the cruelty there and I am sorry about that. However the Red Army did some nasty things in Hungary as well. The consequence is that war is not about ethics.

Ropi said...

And wow, in Hungary politicians wouldn't dare to do it because the press would make big fuss of it. It is funny to see that the female riporter is much taller than him.

Taras said...

Re: Wehrmacht

Indeed, there was murder, rape and enslavement on both sides, of varying scales. I'm sorry about what the Soviet Union did to Eastern Europe after WW II.

My argument about the Wehrmacht stems from the fact that no Western country, whether Allied or Axis, suffered as many civilian casualties as Ukraine alone did.

Re: Tkachenko

He showed her the Communist way of supporting freedom of the press.

Ropi said...

Well, in Hungary infrastructure damages were the most severe among participating countries. Germany had approximately the same damages as well.