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Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Turns Missile Defense Into Stimulus Program for Kremlin

The U.S. Appeaser-in-Chief has produced yet another anticipointment. Apparently, stimulating Putin's reset button has become another sport in the Oval Office.

Yes, he can! He can talk. He can talk some more. And then he can toy with countries, including his own.

Mr. Obama, the more I watch you, the more I appreciate Zhirinovsky's vision — of you and of Ukraine.

So “watch Ukraine,” as John McCain put it.



Ropi said...

Well, that sucks for Poland and Czech Republic because Vladimir Putin must have had contented smile as I usually have towards a girl on Maths class when I am done with a task earlier than she or just because I can do that. However nowadays I am smiling nicely as she put it but Poland and the Czech Republic won't recieve that.

I am glad that Hungary denied this opportunity because I support Russia agaianst the US. Our former Prime Minister (Ferenc Gyurcsány) was a great ally of Putin and in Russia they were quite sad when he abdicated. Probably you have heard about that.

Ropi said...

Hungary has been betrayed by the US in 1956 so I am not that surprised.

Leopolis said...


The U.S. never intended the BMD to block Russian missiles. Russia got that false impression, ran with it, and some of our allies in Poland did the same thing, thus undermining the whole program.

The BMD was designed to protect Europe from long-range Iranian ICBMs. Since they don't exist yet, Obama reassessed the program and will put MD defenses in southern Europe, closer to the actual threat, to block their medium-range Shabad-3 which are being tested.

By calling this "appeasement," you are playing into Russia's game by confirming that Russia is part of the BMD system plan and we are now "backing down" from this anti-Russian project...

"Appeasement" suggests a trade-off. While many think that Obama is doing this to get cooperation on Iran in return from Russia, the official position is that the U.S. is reassessing the program because the current plan for CEE isn't feasible given the current threat from Iran.

The more you include Russia in the rhetoric, the more it undermines the U.S. position for BMD.

Sublime Oblivion said...

An excellent decision. Obama is not a Polish President and has no need to waste 10bn $ of US taxpayer money on fixed GBD installations when the money can be more effectively spent on mobile, emerging technologies like the SM-3 and THAAD adaptations.

Taras said...


In 1956, both the US and the USSR had nukes. Hungary, as part of the Warsaw Pact, stood no chance of receiving help from NATO.

I think your chances are higher today, with NATO membership and with an independent Ukraine watching your back. But with Obama’s appeasement experiments, you never know.

On the other hand, if you support Russia against the US, you have nothing to worry about:)


Officially, Washington will not admit it. I think Washington seeks to put the best face on its decision while going ahead with the grand bargain, which includes a quid pro quo on Iran and, conceivably, Ukraine.

Many Poles rightfully believe this avenue of appeasement compromises their security. They, including Lech Walesa, clearly attached symbolic value to the BMD as a consummation of Poland's marriage to NATO.

But first and foremost, the grand bargain compromises the security of Ukraine.

Secure in its power and separated from Russia by oceans, America finds it easy to take allies for granted and to fool around with promises/bargains. America denuclearizes some countries while helping others nuclearize.

Someday, this doctrine may backfire on America.

Sublime Oblivion,

Obama acts like an aide to the Russian president.

Technology is hardly the only reason behind the move. One of the reasons is the dangerous quid-pro-Kremlin game that Obama has embarked on — dangerous for America and, ultimately, dangerous for Russia.

By trying to rebuild the Soviet empire, Russia runs the risk of ruining the one it has today.

Ropi said...

Well, in 1956, there were radio messages between the US and Hungary and they supported Hungary to rebel against the USSR. It showed that we mustn't underestimate the mob because they (younglings with guns) chased away the local Soviet army and we had ca. 2 weeks of independence but the promised US help didn't come and the relief army made order. It costed a lot lives of course.

Our government is rather friendly towards Russia, especially since the Gyurcsány-era.

Sublime Oblivion said...

"One of the reasons is the dangerous quid-pro-Kremlin game that Obama has embarked on"

And how would you suggest carrying out foreign policy - doing whatever you like and expecting other countries to give unilateral concessions on a silver platter?

Admittedly (and regrettably), this worked with Russia in the 1990's when Russians had a stupid, naive view of Western integrity and generosity. Not going to happen now.

"By trying to rebuild the Soviet empire, Russia runs the risk of ruining the one it has today."

History indicates otherwise. The Russian Empire only falls when it is both big, encompassing many non-Slavic / non-Orthodox peoples, and when it becomes subject to internal stagnation. Neither of these conditions are at present valid.

Lingüista said...

I tend to agree with you, Taras--given the symbolic value that the missiles would have had in Poland and the Czech republic (and even though it is true that they could never be a threat to, or a defense against, Russia), if the decision not to install them were simply a question of technology or better use for the money, then Obama could have promised them something else instead. Apparently nothing replaces the missiles, not even, say, money for the Polish and Czech armies, or joint exercises. The symbolism, no matter how much Washington doesn't like it, is inescapable.

Taras said...

Sublime Oblivion,

In the 90s, we had that stupid, naive view of Western integrity and generosity too.

But we Ukrainians gave up more than you Russians did. We gave up our nuclear deterrent entirely and received “change” in return.

Because we have no nuclear deterrent today, the Kremlin may be tempted to exploit our stupidity and naivete in a bloody, expansionist way.

Meanwhile, your non-Slavic/non-Orthodox people may seize the day and head for the exit.


Obama traded friends for favors.

Specifically, he traded the goodwill of two allies for a yet-to-materialize medical benefits package from a geopolitical adversary.