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Friday, November 27, 2009

Tymoshenko Woos Voters on 5th Anniversary of Orange Revolution

She puts on another vyshyvanka, wallows in people's pain and admits no wrongdoing. She sounds like an advance-fee fraud letter.

The Cinderella of the Orange Revolution wants a second chance. Wait, a third one! Oh, no, a fourth one! (depending on how many times you voted for her)

She waxes inspirational and nostalgic;
She talks about faith and freedom;
She says she knows people who spoke Ukrainian for the first time on Maidan;
She says she knows people who sang the Ukrainian anthem with their hands over their hearts for the first time;
(She definitely doesn’t know anyone who’d laugh at Putin’s jokes degrading Ukraine’s statehood);
She reaches across the aisle to Yanukovych supporters who, too, craved freedom;
She blames those who betrayed the Orange Revolution;
(She doesn’t blame herself);
She tells us not to feel sorry for the Orange Revolution;
She promises to do it all over again if she has to;
She recalls Natalia Dmytruk, police cadets, volunteers and two young protesters, from Donetsk and Lviv, who got married during the Orange Revolution;
She makes fun of Yanukovych’s jail record and likens him to a bruised and battered dog named Lucky;
She reminds us that freedom is worth the fight;
She says there will be no going back to the oligarch past if she wins;

She won’t let it happen.

Happy Freedom Day!

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