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Friday, November 13, 2009

Yanukovych Travels, Tymoshenko Talks

As Tymoshenko blames Yushchenko for every flu death, and he calls her “hobo” (referring to her incredibly humble tax returns), Yanukovych continues his roadshow.

At a children’s hospital in Yevpatoria, he traded a cardiac monitor for a thank-you painting of a local landscape.

Presidential candidate Yanukovych: What do you call this device?
Hospital personnel: Cardiac tomograph.


Personnel: Monitor!

Cardiac monitor. Do you need a cardiac monitor?

Personnel: Of course! Badly! Hahaha!

Here you go, so you can look at it periodically and recall being in a good workplace, where good people live, in a good city.

I love that Sainsbury’s: Where good food costs less plastic bag!

How about this one: Yanukovych’s: Where his life tastes good and your life costs less?

Tymoshenko has a roadshow of her own, but she can't get her numbers straight.

PM Tymoshenko, Vinnytsya, Nov. 10: Yesterday, when we looked at the data for every oblast, we saw that in Ukraine, on the whole, we have at least a fourfold drop in illness incidence compared to the peak dates of November 2-4.

Tymoshenko, Kyiv, Nov. 11: From November 8 to November 10, we see the figures rise...uh...almost threefold...well, more than two-and-a-half fold. This suggests that the epidemic today is not relaxing its grip.

The only way for the epidemic to relax its grip is for you guys to embrace our healthcare.

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elmer said...

Yushchenko called her a "hobo" in the context of Tymo's attack on him for vetoing a spending bill passed by the Parliament which is supposed to "fight the flu."

Yushchenko pointed out that all of the billboards which she has placed around the country on every billboard, every building, every tree, to promote herself ("they talk,she works") cost more than the funds allocated to "fight the flu" - and that her official government "tax declaration" of a meager salary as PM does not fit with her lavish lifestyle.

And, of course, in Ukraine, when the Parliament allocates funds to "fight the flu" - that means that the money will wind up in oligarch pockets. And oligarch and politicians/govt. officials in Ukraine are the same thing.

Ukraine already has a budget deficit.

Now, here's the thing that comes to mind with Santa Yanuk - he shows up once, in front of cameras, to personally deliver a cardiac monitor during a presidential election campaign?

Where has this thug been since 2004? Whose money is he using for this cardiac monitor?

I will never forget the parliamentary elections right after the Orange Revolution, and how Moroz and other earnestly stated that "money meant for medical care" in villages, etc., should actually get there (instead of being diverted into bureaucrats' pockets).

So Ukraine's health care system depends entirely on Santa Yanuk, one cardiac monitor, and the frequency of presidential elections.

In the meantime, I still recall when Santa Yanuk went to Spain to have knee surgery (apparently, there are no qualified doctors in Ukraine) - and then to roosha to recuperate at a fancy resort with Putler and other rooshan thugs.

Taras said...

Yushchenko is now busy running a billboard campaign of his own. (Once the weather improves, I’ll probably take some pics and post them.)

Obviously, Yushchenko wants to keep up with the Tymoshenkos/Yanukovychs.

They all love Ukraine when it comes to money and power. They all leave Ukraine when it comes to healthcare.