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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Anthem Plays, Yanukovych Walks (Protocol Disaster)

When the music plays, it’s showtime!

I mean look at Yanukovych, Master of International Law.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa will definitely remember that. And the dead microphone too.

To accommodate the novelty-seeking behavior, Ukraine's anthem chose to remain silent.

If Ceylon Tea ever needs a maverick image, they know where to look for ideas.

Later, two typos popped up at the Sri Lanka-Ukraine business forum: “Высокоповажність” and “Co-chaird.”

(Not to mention
Yanukovich, but that's nitpicking.)

Proofreading can be a little too complex to be outsourced to our Presidential Administration.



Ryan said...

Do Ukrainian keyboards even have ы? Apologies for my ignorance, I study Russian at my university (alas, it's the only Slavic language offered) and have an intense interest in Ukrainian language politics.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago representatives from India came to Hungary, but we had no difficulties.

Taras said...


No, it’s from Russian. They have ы and и in Russian, which corresponds to и and і in Ukrainian respectively.

You're welcome to expand into Ukrainian!:) After all, it’s like going from Spanish to Portuguese.


Why don’t you let our man in:)?

Ryan said...

Yeah, I was aware of the way the Ukrainian alphabet's set up, just wondering if the keyboards still had ы, perhaps as a relic of Soviet language policy or something.

Perhaps in a few years I'll get into Ukrainian.. I hope to go to grad school somewhere where I have access to it (and any other Slavic languages I might be able to get my hands on).

Taras said...

The keyboards here typically contain Latin and Cyrillic characters, both Ukrainian and Russian (Ukraine being largely Russified).

Good luck with your Ukrainian studies!:)