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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tymoshenko: ‘Very Big Business’ > 1/2 My Life

She’s not a church mouse anymore. She’s richer, smarter and holier.

Holier than Yanukovych.

Yulia Tymoshenko: Uh...I...uh...spent more than half of my life doing very big business — very big business. That’s a business that had billions of...uh...revenue...

Mustafa Nayem: You have some savings left?
Tymoshenko: Definitely! Definitely! And these that time, I...didn’t have to disclose them...

Nayem: They’re in Ukraine?
Tymoshenko: ...because I was not an official. Uh...all these savings...they do exist, and we as a family are using them.
Nayem: Aha!

Tymoshenko: So the difference is, I was in business, and Yanukovych hasn’t been a single day in business.
Nayem: Aha!

Tymoshenko: Difference number two, you’re now being present at my home. This home is being rented. This home has never in its whole life belonged to the state.
Nayem: How? By who?

Tymoshenko: It’s being rented by my family. Directly. My husband has a rental agreement.
Nayem: Aha!

Tymoshenko: And I want all officials to rent homes like I do — private homes — or let them rent apartments, and not take them away from the state.

So she says she spent more than half of her life doing very big business? Let's do the math here.

Small business became legal in the USSR in 1986-1988.

In 1988, Tymoshenko (b. 1960) and her husband started a chain of small VCR-powered movie theaters, immensely popular amid perestroika’s passion for Western culture.

In 1997, Tymoshenko assumed her first public office, a seat in Ukraine’s parliament.

All of which suggests that:

A. Tymoshenko misspoke.
B. Tymoshenko is a teenager.
C. Tymoshenko (aka Gas Princess) stayed in business after being elected.
D. Both B and C are correct.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

In Hungary little firms could be opened in the end of 1960s. Here communists were as liberals as possible. Our leader (Kádár) wanted to join the EU in the 1980s, but it was considered a bit crazy.

Sandy said...

A is impossible, because Tymoshenko never mistakes.
C is also impossible, because we know, that Tymoshenko always obeys the law. :)
The only correct answer is B. She is a teenager!

Oh, I know why! She is always young because she is a goddess!

Anonymous said...

Well,a ccording to Wikipedia, she is an economist, so she should calculate well.

Taras said...


That’s why the Kremlin decided to step in. In the eyes of our regime, your communists behaved like liberals.

I too believe Tymoshenko’s math doesn’t lie:)


Well, sometimes goddesses look a bit older — like mortals:)