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Monday, July 19, 2010

Yanukovych Addresses Nation on Sovereignty Day

To Yanukovych, sovereignty means something else.

President Yanukovych: As president of the state and as the guarantor of the Constitution, I am filled with resolve to secure the internal and external political factors that will allow our people to feel that government irresponsibility has once and for all become a thing of the past. European prospects and developing strategic relations with centers of world politics, including the Russian Federation, will secure us economic prosperity and social progress. Thus, with dignity, we will carry on with the cause initiated twenty years ago. Happy holidays to you, dear compatriots!


Want to study one of the world’s funniest languages? Try Ukrofficialese.

OK, what else, Mr. President? Constitution! That name rings a bell. You two are shacking up at Mezhyhirya, right?

How generous of you to spend €1M of your €23K/year salary on those birthday party artists. After all, your official salary makes up 1000% of Ukraine’s nominal GDP per capita.

Makes Ukraine’s flag go upside down!

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Anonymous said...

We don't really have TV messages like this. Our President has it on every new year and maybe on the 20th of August which is the day of state establishment here. There were some extra cases when he spoke such as the tragedy of the Polish President in April or when we had great riots in 2006. I remember only once when the Prime Minister had such speech. It was in 2008, when the crisis broke out and he asked us to save money.

Taras said...

Thank you for sharing, Ropi!

It goes to show how our countries differ politically.

In Hungary, the people hold the politicians accountable. In Ukraine, the politicians hold the people in the missionary position using television.