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Sunday, July 11, 2010

‘Vuzeli’ (Yanukovych Misspells Vuvuzela on His 60th B-Day)

If you want something misspelled or misplaced, ask Yanukovych.

He’s already done this to countries, continents, names, guests and job titles.
The list goes on.

The next time “Esteemed Madam Secretary General” Clinton drops by, she’ll probably discover more of his God-given potential.

In the meantime, Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, came to claim his fair share.

As he congratulated Yanukovych on his 60th anniversary, a spelling bee invaded Ukraine's airspace.
And, presto, Yanukovych found himself declining the noun vuvuzela as vuzeli instead of vuvuzeli!

I pity the smartass who put the V-word on his talking points.

He or she better grab that bike (a useless gift from democracy-starved reporters) and get the hell out of the country.

Anyway, I hope the lavish birthday party, attended by throngs of officials, oligarchs and celebs (including Lara Fabian), more than compensated for the faux pas.

Que Dieu Aide Les *Oligarques*

God Help the *Oligarchs*

Happy Birthday, Your Holine$$!



Anonymous said...

You can't blame him. You didn't qualify to the World Cup, why should he know it? :P

Taras said...

He should borrow Obama's teleprompter more often:)

Anonymous said...

Better still,
They can both babble at the same time from the same tele-prompter drowning each other out.
That way they can both be seen to be what they are: oxymoronic!

Taras said...