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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ukraine Ranks 64th of 104 on 2008 Legatum Prosperity Index

According to this year's study by the Legatum Institute, “Ukraine ranks amongst the lowest of the European states at 68th overall, on a par with Macedonia.” (h/t Ukrayinska Pravda)

The study ranks countries on economic competitiveness and comparable liveability, both of which contain a variety of sub-rankings.

Particularly interesting is the finding that Ukraine’s “Economic Competitiveness rank (45th) is substantially higher than its Comparative Liveability rank (91st).”

Below are some of the other excerpts from Ukraine’s country profile:

In terms of liveability, Ukraine scores very poorly on many indicators, including income. The health situation is particularly alarming: 49% of the population is dissatisfied with their personal health, and health-adjusted life expectancy is under 60 years. HIV prevalence is the highest in the region, and the population is decreasing by almost 1% annually, a trend which is amplified by massive emigration both towards the West and to Russia.

Although unemployment is relatively low, Ukraine is marked by a perceived lack of opportunity. A significant proportion of the citizens are dissatisfied with the freedom to choose what to do in life and do not believe they can get ahead by working hard, according to the Gallup World Poll.

For cross-country comparison-shopping, Legatum offers a tool called Prosperiscope™. Using this tool, you can compare:

Ukraine to the U.S.

Ukraine to Canada
Ukraine to the UK
Ukraine to Germany


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