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Friday, October 10, 2008

Yanuk Blasts Oranges, Woos Voters, Promises Stabilnist

For Yanukovych new elections mean new opportunities. So there he goes again, wallowing in his voters’ pain, sugarcoating his stewardship of the economy, peddling the idea of his comeback.

Viktor Yanukovych, speaking in Russian: The bell tolls for the current government. The government has driven the country to the brink of bankruptcy. Determining which one of the Oranges is more guilty doesn’t make sense. The entire team is guilty. They are all guilty. In less than a year of the two Orange governments’ stay in power, the state has twice lost the high economic growth rate.

During the short-lived stay in power of the current government, citizens have also been twice fooled: First, they crashed the dollar, then they advised people to hold their savings in the national currency. After that, they crashed the hryvnia. Millions of ordinary Ukrainians suffered. Their hard-earned savings lost their value. People living in the countryside suffered most because crop problems added to the preexisting ones. The profiteers and murky dealers under the wing of the current government robbed the farmers, robbed the state, and the efforts of hundreds of thousands of people yielded paltry results. Having led the country into ruin, the current government, for a second time, has pushed society toward another pre-term parliamentary election. The Party of Regions stood against it. We do not agree with such policy and do not share such approaches.

We offered to reach consensus, not over positions but over improving the lives of people, developing the economy. However, the Oranges were only interested in seats. They need so many seats in government that a whole furniture factory can’t produce. As a responsible political power, we hereby state that we that we will unite society not around partisan colors but around a program of improving the lives of people. I repeat: The Party of Regions doesn’t care who is more guilty in the Orange coalition’s collapse. That question should be addressed to someone else. They took responsibility before the people, now let them report to the people. What we care about is how to improve people’s lives, build a strong state, and unite society. It is with this in mind that we — faced with the test of new elections — look into the future and ponder ways to improve the lives of citizens, to create a situation of stabilnost* and peace in the country, and to implement the kind of effective policy that would win the world’s respect for Ukraine.

We are confident of our ability, and we are ready to assume the task of rebuilding the country again — without any ultimatums to our potential partners, without empty promises to achieve the unachievable. There will be no empty talk. There will be order and stabilnost.* There will be work for the benefit of the state and the Ukrainian people. So help us God.

*Stabilnost (стабильность) is Russian for stabilnist (стабільність). In the vocabulary of Ukrainian politicians, stabilnist denotes stability, but connotes the status quo.

So, Mr. "Hemingway," if it hurts so bad to have new elections, why does it feel so good?

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