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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yanuk Misnames Babel as 'Bebel'

The city that owes much of its history to Duc de Richelieu has brought upon itself a history of déjà vu malapropisms by Yanuk de Regions.

While visiting Odesa in 2006, Viktor Yanukovych called Anna Akhmatova "Anna Akhmetova," in a Freudian slip that added to his already impressive “proFFessor” credentials. (In 2004, presidential candidate Yanukovych filled out an application form in which he claimed to be “proffessor of economics.”)

This year, he referred to the famous Odesa-born Soviet journalist-writer Isaac Babel as "Bebel."

Voiceover: Viktor Yanukovych confused writer Babel with revolutionary Bebel.

Yanukovych: And I want to quote this phrase from one of Bebel’s characters: “If you want to observe something from life, come to our yard. There’s enough to be laughed at.”

Touché, ProFFEssor! It’s not everyday that you quote from 'Bebel' or 'Montes-quieu.'

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Anonymous said...

Well, along those lines, just when I thought it could not get any more ridiculous - Ukraine launches into a game of "decree, decree, who's got the decree."

But wait, there's more - now it's "the decree suspending the decree."

The court which is supposed to consider the Presidential decree can't do it because no one knows where it is.

Plus, there was a Presidential decree suspending the Presidential decree which suspended or disbanded Parliament.

Here is an excellent analysis of the political situation by a Kharkiv Human Rights Watch writer:

Anonymous said...

And more along these lines.

During the "debate" between Tymoshenko and Yanukovych on the Savik Shuster program, Yanuk launched into a big tirade about how he personally knew about the coal mines from personal experience.

What he managed to leave out was that, while the coal miners are getting blown up, because he and his buddies from the Party of Regions ignore safety standards, but collect BIG MONEY from the coal mines, Yanuk has built himself a HUGE MANSION called "Mezhihirya", complete with a park and its own soccer field.

So, while Yanuk keeps "Bebeling" on and on, I wonder if the people of silly Donbass will finally realize how badly they are being screwed by the "proFFesor" and his buddies in the Party of Regions.

Taras said...

Thank you for mentioning Yanuk’s Mezhyhirya residence!

He should rename it to Neverpaid Ranch or something.

After all, his “affordable housing model” truly deserves the Bebel Prize in Economics!