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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food Prices A Mystery for Ministers

When you drive cars like that, do you really care?

Reporter: Please tell us, do you know the current price of a loaf of bread, ten eggs, and a kilogram of meat?

Minister of Transport, Yosyp Vinsky: This question goes to my wife.

Minister of Justice, Mykola Onishchuk:
I actually don’t have time to do shopping, so I’d rather not engage in a discussion regarding the prices for these groceries.

Minister of Family Affairs, Yuriy Pavlenko:
I’ll tell you everything, definitely. Hahaha!

Minister of Labor, Lyudmyla Denysova:
I don’t buy eggs because of the fast. A loaf of bread — well, my daughter buys that. [We make] toasts. I actually don’t eat them because I don’t dine at home at all.

Is that the same daughter you hired out of college to run the price controls board in Sevastopol? What if she doesn't dine at home either?

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