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Monday, March 09, 2009

More Polit Funnies

Durdom (madhouse) does them all.

Dream a dream

Yulenka: Lethal Lessons
Tagline: She doesn't play with dolls. She plays with people.
Based on a promotional poster for the Russian Stephen King-like horror movie Yulenka

The Yushchenko-Chernovetsky team

Thou shalt have none other gods before me

The New Wave

Yanukovych to run the BYuT campaign office in Donbas

Inspired by Tymoshenko, former president Kravchuk pleads with Yushchenko to step down.

The official exchange rate is Yushchenko's crisis-killer sedative

Dovhy, Chernovetsky, Kilchytska
Checking these three into a mental institution would have been better than firing those four hospital administrators for failure to attend the buckwit rally.

The Handout Hippie

"Dear Ukrainians, we're done with democracy. I hereby declare a state of emergency. You can hide but you can't run."

Firtash's Alfa

The Het-man
In Ukrainian, геть (het) means out.

The Unknown Official

Desperate Housewives

Karpachova, Bohoslovska, Tymoshenko, Herman, Semenyuk-Samsonenko, Bohatyryova

A parody on Larry King's interview with President Yushchenko
Larry King: What happened to the ideals of Maidan?

President Yuschenko: They drowned.

Rada fires Ohryzko, matryoshka hatches

A cobra-shaped Bohoslovska on the Eighth of March (International Women's Day)

Kravchuk & Kuchma
The Return of the Musketeers: We Have What We Have
(Kravchuk's maxim)

The Clash of Media Biases: Pro-Yushchenko (Inter) v. Pro-Tymoshenko (Kanal Ukrayina)

Che Yushchenko
2011, somewhere in the Carpathians

BYuT gasmen beating the gas out of Firtash

Because of a tight tour schedule, Chernovetsky couldn't attend Yushchenko's meeting with Kyiv municipal authorities.

Welcome to our new office!
RosUkrEnergo occupies the Naftogaz head office

Ukraine's coat of arms

"Put her hands here and her legs there, and she'll be quick to confess where she hid the Gazprom contract."

She who pays Pootie calls the tune

And we should clean the mess

Yulia the Riveter: "Here's your gas, Mr. President!"

The Expulsion from Paradise


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