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Monday, March 02, 2009

Ukraine Teeters, Yushchenko Twitters

This headline jumped into my mind after I matched this IHT article with the blogosphere’s reaction to Yushchenko’s microblogging debut.

President_UA twitters about “himself” in the third person, copying and pasting from his official website. To me, it further highlights Yushchenko's interest in publicity and his detachment from Ukraine's teetering.

It's about time Tymoshenko set up a Twitter account, too.



Michelle said...

I think it is fascinating that President Yushenko is twittering for whatever reasons, PR or a real desire to share what he is doing....And boy, yes it would be even more interesting if Tymoshenko started twittering!!!

Taras said...

Michelle, I hope you realize that neither Yushchenko nor Tymoshenko nor Yanukovych will be twittering, even if each of “them” sets up Twitter accounts.

Most senior Ukrainian officials don't speak a word of English and don’t know how to use a computer, much less how to blog.

We’re dealing with ghost-twittering — or with the cloning of Yushchenko’s official website, if you will — paid with taxpayer money.

At a time when Ukraine stares into an economic abyss, such activities should not be a government priority.

I did not vote for them to spend my taxpayer money on twittering while Ukraine is teetering.