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Friday, July 31, 2009

A Phony Tymoshenko Stars in a YouTube Video

It wasn’t exactly love at first between her and YouTube. Yet once she realized the power of social media, she decided to give it another try.

So, after pulling her hair in Everything's Gone!, followed by her histrionic televised address, she wants to give us a “slice of sincerity.”

Watch another show that sucks: a gonzo video of her braidless self. In the video, she thanks the Russian pilot who safely landed a troubled plane in Simferopol on July 5, saving the lives of 92 passengers on board.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: I want to thank you on behalf of the entire Ukraine, the entire government —and I just want to give you my special thanks — for making it through this terrible stress, for making this extremely difficult landing with flying colors, and we all are proud of you, just to let you know...It’s beyond words, we all were praying here...thanks you so much! Please relay this to all your team, crew, to everyone out there who was by your side, that you are our pride! We love you, we’re hugging you, and, thank God, our prayers…thank you so much! I’m hugging you real tight and we all love you very much. [laughs] Have a nice one! Wishing you all the best! Yes.

In this home-not-so-alone vignette, she struggles to put behind the tragicomedy of her queen-has-no-clothes teleprompter experience. (Ain’t that a small world?)

She speaks conversational Russian, punctuated with a Ukrainian-accented letter Г, so uncharacteristic of her public speeches. (In 2007, her party’s testimonials thrived on this level-with-the-people technique, which even involved elements of surzhyk.)

I may sound rude, but I was wondering how many jokes and bottles of cognac it would have taken her to get over that plane — had it crashed down.



Unknown said...

I understood when she said thank you. My Russian knowledge ends with yes and thank you. However I am planning to learn it.

Unknown said...

She is a bit like a teenager girl, if may say so.

Taras said...

If you plan to learn Russian, you have to learn to say no (nyet - нет) as well!:)

Re Tymoshenko, in that video she's every bit like a teenager. Like Paris Hilton.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, I remember to that as well.

elmer said...

Well, Taras, it's time for yet another song - "Johnny Angel - You're an Angel to me"

"Johnny Angel, how I love him,
he's got something that I can't resist,
But he doesn't even know that I exist"

Johnny Angel, how I want him,
How I tingle when he passes by,
Every time he says hello,
my heart begins to fly"

"I'm in heaven, I get carried away,
I dream of him and me,
and how it's gonna be,
Other fellas
call me out for a date
But I just sit and wait,
I'd rather contemplate
on Johnny Angel,

'Cause I love him,
And I pray that someday he'll love me,
And together we will see
how lovely heaven will be

Johnny Angel, you're an angel to me"

elmer said...

Oops -

here's the link to "Johnny Angel"

elmer said...

OK, Taras, the songs just keep popping into my head:

"Be My Baby"

"for every kiss you give me,
I'll give you three"

elmer said...

Geez, these songs keep popping into my head:

"Baby, I love you"

"have I ever told you,
how good it feels to hold you,
it isn't easy to explain

and though I'm really trying,
I think I may start crying,
my heart can't wait another day,

When you kiss me,
I could start to start to say:

Baby, I love you"

elmer said...

Oops -


Taras said...

Great 60s music, Elmer! Thank you! I love the hairdos:)

In the USSR, the early 60s were the days of the Khrushchev Thaw: a little more freedom of expression, a little more Western music, movies & fashion — well, just a little.

Some fine non-political movies were made, such as Amphibian Man, a romantic sci-fi melodrama set in Buenos Aires, Argentina.