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Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Mazhor Meets His Maker

Had he killed somebody else with his car, he would’ve most likely gotten away with it. But now that killed himself, he won’t kill anybody.

Case Summary
Name: Viktor Sivkovych
Age: 25
Next of kin: MP Volodymyr Sivkovych (PRU), father, former KGB operative
Place of death: Kyiv, Ukraine
Time of death: Saturday, June 25, 11:15 p.m.
Vehicle: Lexus
Traffic violation: Speeding
Cause of death: Crashed his Lexus into a street light in, car exploded and burned

This latest fatality comes a mere six weeks after Hanna Herman, a fellow Party of Regions MP, lost her 17-year-old son in a similarly shocking accident.

A friend of the deceased says Viktor was neither an expert driver nor a drinker nor a reckless driver. The man doesn’t rule out the possibility that the accident may have been an assassination plot masterminded by enemies of MP Sivkovych, a former KGB operative.

MP Valeriy Bondyk (PRU) follows the same theory and believes that the car’s machinery may have been tampered with. Bondyk trusts the investigation to determine the cause of the accident and claims that due to built-in safeguards “Lexuses don’t burn.”

The deceased worked as a bailiff at the Ministry of Justice.


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