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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sivkovych: “Are You Sick? Where’s the Money in All of This?”

Below is an interview fragment in which a female reporter questions MP Volodymyr Sivkovych, PRU, about his role in one of the infamous videos released by BYuT.

Reporter: So did you say that? Do you remember where that was?
Sivkovych: Yes, here it is, Maryinsky Park, with a view toward that…this construction being…um…constructed, the scandal-scarred one.
Reporter: So what did you talk about there? Whom did you talk with? What about?
Sivkovych: Excuse me?
Reporter: What did you talk about?
Sivkovych: Politics.
Reporter: With whom?
Sivkovych: With Zabzalyuk.
Reporter: And what, did you offer him money?
Sivkovych: Are you sick? Where’s the money in all of this?

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Anonymous said...

Ha! LOL - I love the defense - but there's 'no money in' it - meaning giving bribes :))))

But I wonder if that is actually true? Is there not 'points' to be made, if not outright cash, as a reward for being one of the middle people on a deal such as the one that was alleged?

BTW any views/thoughts expressed anywhere (in media or forums) as in regards to why those particular BYuT deputies that were approached, were approached? Hmmmm. Any known vulnerabilities (i.e. gambling, etc.) or even of 'shady' behavior?


Taras said...

I don't know. But I guess the approachees' cooperativeness turned out to be less than expected.

elmer said...

There's "no money in it"?

They why offer it?

There is obviously money to be made - control of government for the personal enrichment of those "elites" who are part of the cabal.

Taras said...

Yep, if there’s no money in all of this, then why overreact? Why be so tense about it? Why make it look like she cracked you?