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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Geopolitical Gospel of Markov

Sergey Markov marks territory:

Of course, a close and native Ukraine; of course, a dazzling Tymoshenko; but on the other hand here in Russia they don’t fear hardline politics. We, by the way, are not afraid to come into conflict even with the Americans, let alone with Yulia Tymoshenko. Do not overestimate your self-importance, dear colleagues.

That’s one hell of a hierarchy, with that “close and native” Ukraine lying at the bottom and those Kremlin bravehearts stuck somewhere between the rags and riches, right?

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Anonymous said...

Oh God, Markov. Why? I would really like to know why he simply is not marginalized like Limbaugh was by the liberals. Markov has his audience and will always reach media sources in one way or another, why give him a mike and a red carpet straight into people's homes. Lunacy. It is not as if Ukraine does not have lots of really good excellent political experts of their own. (Sorry I know that one can argue in the interests of fair reporting, balanced views, etc.) but they do not do point- counterpoint but bring him on as the final word, from up on high. And he is rude, insulting, patronizing in his comments about Ukraine, etc. ALWAYS. The guy won't even respond to questions posed to him in Ukrainian. And he is everywhere on the tv in Ukraine right now.


Taras said...

For a “close and native” country like Ukraine, it pays to know who her friends are.

Ukrainian experts believe that Markov simply transmits the Kremlin’s signals. He has the anti-Ukrainian zeal of Zhirinovsky, but he tries to package it in less uncivilized yet viperous terms.

Still, as this exhibitionist video suggests, he needs to polish his presentation skills to reach Zatulin’s intellectual comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I disagree - anytime want to find out what his views are can check up on the Internet or tune into Russian television (oops me bad! I am so sorry. My apologies.)

I forgot that Russia leases airtime on some Ukrainian airwaves in effect deciding for Ukrainians what they watch, hear and whom. So no need to pick up a paper printed in Russia or listen to a radio broadcast, to find out what the Russian government thinks, all you have to do is turn on the box.

What a country! Not only is the news about it spread to the english speaking world, controlled by someone else but its own internal news is as well.


Taras said...

You're not breaking any news here:)!