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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tymoshenko Voted In As PM

In a 226-224 vote, the minimum
required majority, the Orange Coalition today confirmed Yulia Tymoshenko's nomination for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. The opposition refused to participate.

MP Yuriy Yekhanurov, NUNS, who was considered an undecided, stole a round of applause for saying yes. MP Ivan Plyushch, NUNS, a proponent of the Grand Coalition, abstained. MP Ivan Spodarenko, NUNS, was absent.

In his bilious valedictory speech, outgoing PM Viktor Yanukovych predicted that the Orange Coalition will deepen instability and wreck the economy.
The promise of better living will not be realized, he said. In an apparent attempt to project a sense of relief, he wished Tymoshenko good luck, saying "it feels good to lay responsibility" for what is going on in the country.

The Party of Regions will be in the opposition, and will stand on guard against populism and efforts to destroy the economy, Yanukovych concluded.

Source: Rada Channel

P.S. Goodbye Yanuk! Don't forget to take stabilnist with you.


elmer said...

Yulia's speech today was absolutely outstanding.

As she talked about the "stabilnist" gang's efforts to hang on for as long as possible in order to continue to steal as much as possible, there were lots of dour faces.

As she talked about recouping all of the assets that had been stolen during the period of the "stabilnist" thugs, and the give-away of Ukrainian strategic assets to foreign interests, there were many boos.

As she talked about eliminating corruption - again, many boos.

I wonder what Zvyahilsky thought?

As the owner of the company which leases the Zasyadko mine which blew up several times over the past few weeks and killed all those miners, I wonder if the thought ever entered his mind that, as a parliamentary deputy, it is a horrendous conflict of interest for him to be on both sides of the transaction?

Nope - the attitude is, "everything's legal - until some law is passed making it illegal. Then we'll ignore it."

It is a momentous, historic day for Ukraine.

Plyushch, the Pig, ought to be kicked out of NUNS.

Taras said...

Elmer, when you talk about fighting corruption in a place where corruption is king, you’re not going to see a lot of happy faces, right?

Still, it’s deeds that matter, not words. The people trusted Tymo to walk the talk.

If she's with the people, the people will be with her.

DLW said...

IMO, I am very excited for the changes going on.

The current coalition needs to hold together just long enough for PoR to come apart, which is likely.

Happy New Year to You all and Ukraine! May this year's Dec 26 be a cheery one with hope reignited for many, even if it is a moderate hope!


elmer said...

Ah, yes, I remember when they asked Yanuk how he was going to celebrate his election victory.

He said "па мужеськой" -

in a "manly way" --- he was going to get drunk, get in a fight, and rape someone.

Apparently, his wife, the ever watchful guardian against narcotic-lace oranges (she had accused all of the Orange Coalition supporters of eating oranges laced with narcotics) didn't mind.

Boy, am I glad those days are over.

Buffalo Expat said...

Ha ha, not that Yanukovych is being passive aggressive or anything :-)

Taras said...

Thank you, David!

Even though I’m highly skeptical of any fatal developments within the Party of Regions — and external threats often do heal internal divisions — I agree that the Orange Coalition needs to stick together for the good of Ukraine. Considering the volume of work that must be done, this is no time to relax.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Elmer, now that he’s lost, he doesn’t have to be a man of his word, does he:)?

Elise, he’s being concessive (sort of:)