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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Yesman

The objectives set before the armed forces will be accomplished. I am finished, and once again I thank you, my President, for your trust.

Yuriy Yekhanurov, the newly appointed Minister of Defense

If Klim Voroshilov was his childhood hero, then he hasn’t failed him. This parting shot, an outburst of party loyalty characteristic of the 1930s, can well be called “Smells Like Stalin’s Spirit.”

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Anonymous said...

Yekhanurov has tremendous loyalty to the Prez even to the point where the Prez can get him to agree to something which in principle Yekhanurov is against. For me it is more reminiscent of a samurai to his master or a knight to his liege. It is unfeigned and real loyalty more than just duty --- whether it works in both directions I think depends on Yekhanurov remaining a yes man. To what degree was Hrytsenko put out because of what his wife wrote in Mirror Weekly?

btw guys are remarkably capable of this type of behavior way ahead of women - idolizing a male and following them even if their feet are made of clay (and the followers know it).


Taras said...

A samurai wouldn’t go around exploiting his precious vote-sword as a bargaining chip to get the defense job. That’s not “one law for all.” That’s “one vote, one job.”

I don’t read Mirror Weekly that often. Did his wife somehow breach national security:)?

Anonymous said...

No - worse than that - she spilled the beans on the Pres. and NUNS. But she did no less than simply tell the truth - well in Ukraine, if you are a journalist that could get you in trouble.
Victory's Shadow

Plus overall I think the Pres. was unhappy with the lack of speed in reforming the armed forces but how the heck they are expected to do this when EVERY YEAR they are shorted out of the full amount of money they should receive as voted on the budget - I really don't know. Plus you don't want to reform the military quickly - leads to hypershock.


Taras said...

So that's what go him fired:)? You mean this innocuous piece by Mostova, who happens to be Hrytsenko’s wife, was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

As touchy as our President is, I don’t think it was his touchiness that sealed Hrytsenko’s fate. There’s gotta be something else here.

As Commander-in-Chief, the President should start with the man in the mirror. All I’ve seen so far is finger-pointing and “social advertising.”