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Sunday, December 30, 2007

People of the Year

  • He has an MA in international law from the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade
  • He worked as a top executive for 20 years
  • He is a Doctor of Economics, professor, Full Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
You know the guy, don’t you? (Just quoting from

Now look at some of the rare treasures I’ve stumbled upon in the Letters section (Ctrl C, Ctrl V):
'I have stood up for your interests and will keep doing it', – Nadiya from Poltava region

01.02.2006, 16:11

Dear Victor Fedorovych,

I have struggled for your interests and I will keep doing it and I pray for you. I wish you knew how much it costs me. We have a farm but my husband is very ill. People assault on us because of you.

As long as my heart beats, I'll stand by you. You will win!

Nadiya R.

Orzhytskyi district, Poltava region

Or how about this one:

"Dear Viktor Fedorovych, the people, the Constitution and the law are on your side," reads a letter from Anatoliy Aleksandrovich

31.07.2006, 11:03

In view of this, you and your party comrades should not make any decisions which would contravene your pre-election promises. The President will not dissolve parliament. Even if the parliament is dissolved, your political party can get about 50% of the national vote, provided that the Party of Regions honors its pre-election promises.

If your party comrades deviate from their pre-election promises, your party may get less votes. If you abandon formation of the coalition (that is to say by removing communists), you will be definitely crushed.

The coalition which was formed should not be reformatted. Anybody who wants may join it. However, any ultimatums, for example, "We will join only if they are removed," are unacceptable.

You should follow a firm, tough line with the "orange". They view your compromise steps as weakness. The year 2004 exemplified it.

The fact that you won elections means that the Ukrainian people entrusted their future in your hands, and they agree with your program.

The main thing is that the law is on your side. And they should not even try to adopt another unlawful decision, similar to the 2004 ruling of the Supreme Court which was not based on any legislative norm.

I wish you health and success.


Anatoliy Aleksandrovich

Here's one hell of a letter, worth UNICEF's attention:
"Every day we wear POR scarves and carry flags with us!', Mykhailo, a schoolboy from Zakarpat'ya (Western Ukraine)

06.02.2006, 14:21

Dear Victor Fedorovych,

Mykhailo, the 8-th year schoolboy from a Tyachiv comprehensive school, addresses you.

Back in 2004, during the presidential elections, my family and I were very worried about you. We gave you a lot of support in the run-up for the post of Ukraine's president. I delivered election campaign symbols and wore a blue ribbon on my sleeve. Though it turned out otherwise. My father was sacked – an orange 'plague' came to power.

At the moment we are getting ready for the elections again and are anxious about You and the Party of Regions. My friends and I are spreading election campaign symbols again and we are worried about your victory.

Every day we wear POR scarves and carry flags on our shoulders. We are canvassing young people for POR, because here is our future.

When we win, and I believe in that, I'd like to ask you for help – arranging an animal shelter in our area. This is my dream. I am sure that you will pay attention to my request and I thank you very much indeed. I'm enclosing the photos taken in my room – a ' Yanukovych mini-headquarters'.

With great respect and gratitude – Mykhailo
(Click on the link. Don't miss the visuals.)

There's another site to see, Raisa Bogatyrova, personal site. Just listen to this:
Рolitics give excitement and agitation of football combined with the elegance and grace of the literature, tough competitiveness and opportunity to find friends worldwide!

From the speech at IX congress of Party of regions

and this:
Dear electors! Sixteen years ago a fate gave us a historical chance – independent sovereign Ukraine. The primordial dream of the Ukrainian people, which was forged in liberation battles for ages become true. The country of Ukrainians stoped to be fata morgana. It is filled up with plans and ambitions of people and politicians to build prosperous and strong country with happy citizen based on the one of the oldest European nation.
The interesting thing is, her resume hasn’t been updated. Apparently, in "one of the oldest European nation" some happy citizens' careers can be more dynamic than their Web sites.


Anonymous said...

I did not even think of it - how will Raisa sitting with her new amigos be spun for her website? What do you do? Say that she 'sacrificed' herself for the good of the people and party? That she is gathering intel? That the orange people could not 'survive' with PoR help? She has not been infected by the orange plague?

That's it I am going to call Raisa "Agent 99" from 'Get Smart' or maybe "Vesper" from James Bond. I think I like Vesper better. (Okay obviously time for me to lay off the cough syrup :)))))


Taras said...

Speaking of the Orange plague, as a former gynecologist, she owes her voters a plausible medical explanation for contracting the disease and for being promoted to hellhound, doesn't she?

Now take your meds as prescribed and get well soon:) Happy New Year, Luida!:)

elmer said...

Shades of the Hitler Youth Corp!

I wonder why Yanuk would post a letter from a kid on his site.

Kids don't vote. Well, oops, maybe in Ukraine they do, along with dead people. Sometimes they vote more than once. Or should I say, maybe in certain regions of Ukraine.

The kid sounds like he's writing to a sovok dictator - "please give us an animal shelter, because I carried your campaign posters."

The animal shelter is certainly a good cause. One normally does not expect the responsibilities of a national democratic government to include the building of animal shelters.

That would be, howevere, well within the powers of a dictator.

The only thing missing is a picture of the kid on Yanuk's lap, just like Stalin used to do.

Taras said...

This boy's letter bridges the eras of Stalinism and Stabilnist. It reminds me of a song called “Письмо Ворошилову.”

Климу Ворошилову письмо я написал:
Товарищ Ворошилов, народный комиссар!
В Красную армию в нынешний год,
В Красную армию брат мой идёт!

Товарищ Ворошилов, ты, верно, будешь рад,
Когда к тебе на службу придёт мой старший брат.
Нарком Ворошилов, ему ты доверяй:
/Умрёт он, а не пустит врага в Советский край!-2р./

Слышал я, фашисты задумали войну,
Хотят они разграбить Советскую страну.
Товарищ Ворошилов, когда начнётся бой –
Пускай назначат брата в отряд передовой!

Товарищ Ворошилов, а если на войне
Погибнет брат мой милый – пиши скорее мне!
Нарком Ворошилов, я быстро подрасту
/И встану вместо брата с винтовкой на посту!-2р./

И встанем вместо брата с винтовкой на посту!

Welcome to the Jurassic Park of Soviet-style public relations:)!

elmer said...

Look, I'm going to give Yanuk a bit of credit for at least speaking Ukrainian, even if he does still make some mistakes.

Raisa's biography (no English text - just Ukrainian) is rather odd.

Apparently, her birth near Christmas time caused her to know that she would be destined for great things, and she had a blast in school, but got serious about medicine.

Most politicians, even if they are indeed power-grabbing ambitious louts, try to disguise the fact that they were "destined for greatness," or at least leave that kind of glorification to others.

She claims to have Ukraine's best interests at heart.

We will see how she does in her new position.

Taras said...

I love this site. It's got style.

I wish that stabilnist prevail on this site for as long as possible. With this kind of naked truth, you really get your questions answered quick. You get to know all you need to know.

P.S. Yep, unlike Cherno, Yanuk speaks Ukrainian without any loss of courage.

elmer said...

Also kind of interesting - she claims she was born in Слобожанщина.

Actually, to me that's kind of an odd claim to make - it's like claiming that one was born in Waziristan.

Taras said...

Well, geographic names like Закарпаття, Поділля, Волинь, etc are quite popular in Ukraine.

As a Regionalist, she is supposed to parade a vocabulary that accentuates her creed.

It's OK as long as her site specifies the exact location and spells it correctly.