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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Outgoing Defense Minister Strikes Back

“The low point in combat ability has been reached. The combat ability of the armed forces will not go any lower than the present level.”

President Yushchenko went public with this assessment as he introduced the newly appointed Defense Minister, Yuriy Yekhanurov. Responding to the President’s assessment, outgoing Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko, No. 3 on the NUNS candidate list, said the following:

If we were to have a professional debate, I would cite dozens of arguments that support the rise in combat ability of the armed forces and the systemic nature of changes for the better. But since there is no professional approach, I would limit myself to short rebuttals.

Unfortunately, throughout the three years the President neither managed to grasp the army, nor did he manage to grasp the substance and depth of the reform being made.

Maybe that explains why the approval ratings of the army are several times the approval ratings of the Commander-in-Chief.

I’d put it differently: A president who puts his name on preposterous “social ads” — while keeping his son out of the draft’s reach — does not score high on credibility. The same applies to a president who uses your approval ratings to boost the party’s ticket, and then gives your job to another person, one of controversial voting habits.



Anonymous said...

This is a NEW LOW for Pres. Yush and I am MOST certainly NOT going to tell my mom about this because she would rip into the Pres. (she's a major fan of Hrytsenko). Having seen on tv and interviews many times. Just goes to prove my theory that whereas there may be employee loyalty to a boss the worst bosses feel that they have no employees to current or past staffers. Very upsetting.


Taras said...

I think the President clearly deserves to be ripped into. So if you’re mom is feeling well, don’t hesitate to tell her.

Putting Hrytsenko on the ticket’s Top 5 and then dumping him like that was a cheap shot. What was the President thinking?