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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mirage Man Cheers Up Meteorite Man

You already know the story of Vladyslav Lukyanov, aka Meteorite Man. But why call his buddy, Oleksandr Stoyan, ‘Mirage Man?’ Here’s a quick answer, plus a funny support group session:

Stoyan: Once you’re in jail, we’ll be making arrangements to have you awarded with a medal of honor.
Lukyanov: That’s bull...
Stoyan: Wait a minute...
Lukyanov: I didn’t do it for a medal of honor. I do understand that…
Stoyan: Okay, you’re a modest person. You ordered three pieces of dried crust. As head of the Rada Labor Union, I will arrange it for you. But you also ordered a bottle of beer.

Lukyanov: Okay, let talk about something serious...
Stoyan: Beer is for union members only![both laugh]


Anonymous said...

ROFL ROFL ROFL - you are too much man! Taras you are killing me! Absolutely killing me - who needs MAD tv or Saturday Night Live or that British political show???

All you have to do is turn on the news. Un-****in-believable.

Like he is going to go to jail ROFL! this is amazing footage of a newbie getting ribbed by a grandfather, and the connect about - don't worry after a few years we will get you a medal (?perhaps even given by Yush :)


"Tragedy from afar is comedy" BUT this REALLY is not funny at all. #$%^$%@@@@^%****

Taras said...

I didn’t mean to kill you. I need you alive!:)

These guys carry an aura of invulnerability around them. They totally believe in being untouchable. They have this country by the balls.

But that doesn’t prevent them from knocking themselves silly with scenes like that.

Anonymous said...

"People’s deputy from Party of Regions Yaroslav Sukhoy explained why People’s deputies from PR are standing near parliamentary podium.

According to Sukhoy, the fact that some People’s deputies are standing near the podium does not mean that they are blocking it. People’s deputies may stand in the cafe, toilet, lobby, podium. They may stand where they want, they have immunity.

Answering the question why PR People’s deputies propped up the door by chairs near the podium, he said that maybe because of heavy draught."


Taras said...

Nice theory! Maybe those Regionalists were suffering from agoraphobia or simply needed a little more space and privacy?