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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Revisiting Kryvorizhstal

Tymoshenko: We once were treating an enterprise. It was Kryvorizhstal. Our treatment worked just fine. Then we treated courts of all circuits. That’s why, by the way, the enterprise is doing fine now.

Yanukovych: Where did the money, where did the money go?
Tymoshenko: Um…the money...don’t you know [where]?

Yanukovych: …the money that the government received.
Tymoshenko: Don’t you know?

Yanukovych: It was consumed!
Tymoshenko: Don’t you know it?

What a loss for stabilnist! The money was consumed by the people, rather than offshored to some bank on the Cayman Islands.

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Anonymous said...

Kryvorizhstal sale was one of the first things that got a real good look at by PoR as soon as they got into office and according to them, they did find an accounting issue relating to money/funds which was not accounted for - and I remember it was a couple of million. No court case has ever been filed to my knowledge and every time this is brought up to PM Tymoshenko as an example that yes, while she was last PM she and her people took from the till as well. Though it is a bit misleading because at the time of the sale - she was on her way out as PM. No direct response from Tymo has been said like - if true - then go to court. She sidesteps like a true politician but yes, PoR is upset that they did not get their hands on those billions.

Taras said...

Excessive sidestepping leads to stabilnist. I didn’t vote for a sidestepper. I voted for a soldier.