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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Man With a Plan

Speaking in surzhyk, Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky (aka “Kosmos”) shoots for the stars again:

Well, I'll tell you that you know me as a person that…who basically has everything…um… [long pause, Yatsenyuk bursts into laughter] …who had everything…um…the way he…I planned. And I dread sight of what…um…we have in our district administrations [refers to municipal subdivisions].

Well, most Kyivites also dread at the sight of what they have further up the chain.

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Anonymous said...

get the bandwagon rolling, my friend!!!! Chernoco's days are numbered!


Taras said...

I sure hope so. We've had enough of his numbers game.

Anonymous said...

With Kyivan freedom of press and so many serious blunders/overt power-grabs, if Cherno's popularity is spiralling downward then the other politicians will smell blood and sense the opp to gain political points via his removal from power.

They will then behave more like modern democratic politicians in a country with a freer press.

change is a'coming! Levko is right that Ukraine's democracy is maturing!

Taras said...

By the time Chernoco was elected, we had already achieved a certain level of freedom of press. Unfortunately, freedom of press does not automatically convey freedom of mind, or freedom from need, something we learned the hard way.

That “freedom lag” gave him the key. And as long as he still has that key, he’s armed and dangerous. So, I’d say it ain’t over till it’s over.

I will only celebrate change when it comes. Until then, I remain scathingly realistic and fully aware of the fact that our maturation is costing us too many lives.