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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ Message for Yushchenko

If it comes to making amendments to other legislation — and that includes amendments to the Constitution — we are ready to be full-time partners here with you on this issue.

Even though Tymoshenko was speaking with opposition leader Yanukovych, her target audience was
obviously President Yushchenko. This love-and-hate triangle makes for interesting communication, doesn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

and if that means changes to the Constitution — we are ready to be full-time partners here with you on this issue. ...

I don't think that she was talking to the Prez but was telegraphiging willingness to allow for PoR/Yanu desired constitutional changes (and one of the most often quoted is making russian a second official language - she has never ruled out this possibility.)Very disappointed in the PM.


Taras said...

Come on, it’s crystal clear she was blowing kisses to Yushchenko and his Bohatyryova business.

Every stick has two ends. And that was her message.

If she jumps on the Russian language bandwagon, she will lose more than she will gain.

Anonymous said...

actually I was wrong - it was to let them know that they could vote in early Presidential elections together. And yes, that message was to the Pres as well.


PS PoR needs that legislation or something to show Kremlin that they are deserving of the 'bags of money' (as one member of DUMA put it.) PoR has been short on delivery and with Kremlin stirring up fervor (Putin's remarks, letter from RF govt to UA govt, etc.) that they are pushing the 'downtrodden' Russian minority line with corresponding attempt to get protests going in Crimea against 'Ukrainization'. The new law on film dubbing ain't gonna help smooth things over.

Actually if handled properly Tymoshenko would not lose that much - her hard core people would continue to back her as they have forgiven her trespasses in the past, while it would 'soften' her image and appeal to the voters she really wants to go after - Central, South and East who are either in favor of RU being a second official lang. or don't care if it becomes so.

Taras said...

No way. If she embarks on a Regionalist platform linguistically, she will definitely lose the entire west, a loss that will hardly justify any gains in the east. And of course, she will lose me.