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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Obama, Clinton, Chavez, Putin et al. in a Ukrainian-Made Cartoon

Political humor gets even more political and even more (or less) humorous when it crosses cultures.

Channel 1+1 presents...Barack Obama Superstar: The Untold Story.

As President Obama visits Russia, it’s important that the olive branch he brings to the table does not hit the dove on the head.

Naturally, the Obama-Forrest Gump-Che Guevara-Larry King-Chavez sequence may entertain U.S. conservatives and irritate U.S. liberals. Anyway, to a Ukrainian like me, the Putin part looks very close to home.

The cartoon was produced by CFC Consulting, “a Ukrainian company with a global sense of humor,” in partnership with Future Media Arts.

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DLW said...

How's your press covering the Iran protests?

My view is that it very well probably was the case that Ahmadinejad was reelected, but not by such a huge margin. They panicked and stole an election they won by way too much, which has now cost them legitimacy in they eyes of the world and much of Iran.

We'll see how things work out, but it reminds me of the Quakers in the 17th ctry or the Brits mistreatment of colonialists in America in the 18th ctry. Somethings gonna give in the long-run.

As for Obama, I'd reckon if the US/Russia grow closer diplomatically, it'll be a net positive for Ukraine so long as Ukrainian-Americans/Canadians and others who care about Ukraine keep their ear on the ground.

And some of the spirit of the OR continues to bolster the role of elections as an irritant in the system...


Taras said...

Ukrainian views on developments in Iran often diverge alongside the Orange Revolution fault line.

Anti-Orange people generally view the protests in Iran as just another “American ploy,” despite Obama's soft stance.

When I think of Ukrainian-Iranian relations, I think of the profitable Bushehr contract that Ukraine lost in 1998 when it caved in to Washington's sticks and carrots.

Naturally, Russia got our contract and we got no carrots. Countries that give away their nuclear arsenals shouldn't expect better treatment. We learned that lesson well.

Now, if the U.S. wants to build better relations with Russia, without peddling Ukraine as a bargaining chip, I have no objections.

But if the U.S. opts for an appeasement policy, then I believe Ukraine should hit its own reset button. Yes, we can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. about the toons.

For anyone upset by the one which you linked to there is the following also done by CFC Consult.
"Obamas Mother-in-Law Saves White House from Disaster"

Taras said...

Thanks a million! I'm turning your comment into a post!