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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yanukovych: King of Freudian Slips

Anna Akhmetova,” “preventing natural disasters,” “Bebel,” oh boy...

Kulykov, host: Mr. Yanukovych, a coalition between your political entity and the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko was viewed by many people, both abroad and at home, as a factor of effectively combating the economic crisis and as a factor of stabilnist. Really, aren't the politicians in Ukraine ready to yield their personal interests to state interests?

Yanukovych: Well, I want to say that...uh...on the contrary...the politicians...must always keep in mind the interests of the state — not their own interests — and their own responsibility before...the people. Therefore, the vvv..the ver...the very...uh...[hilariously awkward pause]...therefore, I made the decision, for my own good, to be, at this time, with the people...and to And I can say that I've always had one interest...that interest has been that the country would be strong and that the people would live prosperous lives. [June 22, 2009]

In case you didn’t notice, you’re not the only one with that interest! And you’re not the only one who’s willing to yield it! Your agenda perfectly matches Tymoshenko’s and Yatsenyuk’s. But, yes, you’re the guy who dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s!

So no matter who wins, don’t let your “interest” interfere with your presidency!

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Ropi said...

Well, these pauses would make me a bit suspicious.

elmer said...

In the meantime....

Yanukovych's party, the Party of Regions, has been blocking the Ukrainian Parliament for virtually the entire legislative session. That means physically blocking the rostrum, etc.

So on the last day, when the session is to be closed, what's better than to engage actual fighting?

First, they (PoR) blocked the Speaker. Then they blocked the rostrum. Then fights broke out.

A good time was had by all, and then they finally closed the session, and all went on vacation.

Just another "productive" session from the Ukrainian Parliament.

Pictures here:

Taras said...


Without the pauses — and everything in between — his speeches would be as dull as dishwater. The man owes his rhetorical genius to impromptu speeches.


A lot more exciting than filibusters, isn’t it?

elmer said...

Well, it's more like a very bad perpetual rugby game. There have been some fairly inventive filibusters over the years, but is not really used any more to any great degree in some countries.

Ropi made a good observation - the long pauses are necessary because Yanuk has not quite memorized the platitudes completely.

He literally said nothing in his statement except - platitudes.

He might as well have said that is "for everything good, and is against everything bad, and does everything in his power to accomplish that 'goal.'"

Taras said...

He said two important things:

(1) That he's willing to yield his interests and
(2) That the people's wellbeing is his only interest.

You do the math.