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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yanukovych to Battle Acts of God

As Ukraine struggles with one of the worst environmental disasters in her waters, PM Yanukovych spills yet another toxic Yanukism:

It’s very important that we take into account the consequences of this natural disaster and work out — together with our neighbors, with Russia — ways to prevent natural disasters.

Why are you laughing? In fact, many Ukrainians would pretty much agree that this Yanukism best describes our government's approach to emergency management.

So, in the spirit of Yanukovych’s Mt. Athos and shaman pilgrimages, and in the Olympic spirit, let us equip our man with a quick guide to who’s who in "natural disaster management," from the perspective of Greek mythology:

Zeus, god of the gods
Poseidon, god of the sea
Athena, goddess of wisdom
Demeter, goddess of grain and fertility

A few more useful entries:
Aphrodite, goddess of love, lust, and beauty
Eros, god of lust, love, and intercourse

Dionysus, god of wine

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Buffalo Expat said...

But so funny, of course, that when the mine expolsion happened, it had nothing to do with safety standards, but rather

"This accident has proven once again that a human is powerless before the nature," Mr Yanukovych said, according to the Associated Press news agency.

Taras said...

Thank you, Elise! I got your message. That can be arranged.

I just didn’t realize that this sarcastic incursion into Greek mythology would turn out to be something of a Cassandra story in a matter of days.

Judging by the social Darwinism of Yanukovych and Zvyahilsky, the Cabinet indeed seems preoccupied with “preventing” natural rather than man-made disasters.