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Thursday, November 08, 2007

ProFFessor Gets Another F!
The Best of Ukrainian Political Collage

Welcome to a gallery of political funnies compiled from and Enjoy!

A side-splitting take on Fiodor Reshetnikov's Opyat Dvoika (Another F)

Grand Coalition in the Making: Madam Is Resting and Is Asking You to Come in
A sexually suggestive collage that mixes Rembrandt's Danaë with a wordplay on a memorable quote from the Soviet comedy Going After Two Rabbits. (One way to translate the pun would be to say cum in.)

Terminator 4: Rise of the Regions

The Teachings of Freud
Another provocative yet insightful masterpiece

Back to the Coalition

The Power of Matriarchate

The Unequal Marriage
A fresh look at the Orange coalition's unequal bargaining power through the prism of Vasili Pukirev's Neravny Brak (The Unequal Marriage)

Yulia Combats Utility Price Hikes
A collage based on the Soviet WW II equivalent of Uncle Sam Wants You for the U.S. Army!

The BYuTy With the Torch


The Gazfather

Leonid Chernovetsky: The New Face of Ukrainian Aeronautics
A collage dedicated to Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky (aka "Kosmos")


Anonymous said...

Prikol'no! :-D

Especially that one - "Opyat Dvoika" :)))

Poor Yulya.
Respect women!
If only Timoshenko can be considered a woman... :-P


Pawlina said...


Thx for the laffs... brilliant!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Привіт з Корця!

Taras said...

S, Yulya is the #1 Woman in Ukraine, despite all that masculinity she carries around her:)!

What’s your favorite one, Pawlina:)? My fav is Another F. From the moment I saw it, I laughed hysterically for about five minutes. I still burst into laughter every time I see it.

Thank you, David! And what’s yours:)?

Привіт з Києва! До речі, ти в мене фіксуєшся як Київська обл:)

Pawlina said...

I dunno, Taras, it's a toss-up between "The Gazfather" and "The BYuTy with the torch" ... but then there are the two "coalition" ones that are absolutely side-splitting...

Sigh. Just can't make up my mind. Each one has its own charms. ;-)

Taras said...

Stay with us for updates;)!