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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holodomor Exhibit in Moscow Vandalized by ESM Extremists

These days, Ukraine mourns the victims of the tragedy at the Zasyadka Mine and remembers the victims of the Holodomor.

More mayhem from the ESM came on Nov. 17, when ESM extremists vandalized the Holodomor exhibit at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Moscow. Three vandals received 10-day sentences. Others managed to escape. Watch the “Last Tour of the Holodomor” video from the ESM website.

Before the extremists set about their business, one of them made the following statement:

The Holodomor is a speculation by the fascist Orange regime of Yushchenko, exploited for the purpose of disuniting the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. Everything that comes from Yushchenko is deceit and provocation. Russia and Ukraine in the Empire!
Below is a translated excerpt from another ESM press release:
Yushchenko blames the communist regime, but communists is what our Russian and Ukrainian grandfathers and great-grandfathers were. They defeated fascism and built an unparalleled Red Empire. To blame them as the masterminds of the Holodomor is to spit in our common past. We will not allow anyone to do that, least of all this son of a bitch Viktor Yushchenko — the murderer of the Ukrainian people (at the rate of one million per year).

The Eurasian Youth Union reserves the right to turn to the Russian God, so that, for insulting our ancestors, he will punish all the enemies of our great country: from Yushchenko and Tymoshenko to Judge Rodionova and other malfeasants squatting in the crevice of the resurgent Russia.
This neo-imperialist borscht of euphoric proclamations and esoteric invocations, especially the last one, clearly merits a psychiatric evaluation. After all, rebranding the ESM to DSM would do that organization justice.


Anonymous said...

Unique archive of Ukrainian newspapers destroyed in Moscow

story in english at


Taras said...

Thank you, Luida. I was just about to do a post on this highly disturbing piece of news.

Srebrenica Genocide Blog (Editor) said...

It is sick to see extremist Russian thugs destroying Holodomor exhibition - a commemoration to the innocent victims of Ukrainian genocide that was perpetrated directly by the Russia's Soviet government.

Taras said...

By doing the things they do, they tell us who they are and what they want.