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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Azarov, Tymoshenko Split on Cabbage

Enjoy this terrific "cabbage test" of Ukraine’s caste system.

Azarov: Here’s a case in point. None of you wrote, none of you said that, it turns out, cabbage prices in October fell 25 percent. Funny? Well, I don’t think so. Cabbage in our citizenry’s diet occupies a very prominent position. This decrease has indeed taken place.

Tymoshenko: Everybody knows who’s a sucker for cabbage, right? We know who always finds cabbage out in the field — it’s Azarov. That’s why I think that — hahaha — that the cabbage for the Party of Regions’ will soon run out — and, specifically, for Azarov. They’ll be out of a job. Our people does not belong to a category of species that live by cabbage alone.

This cabbage thing rang a bell in my head. It reminded me of a funny atheist song called “The Preacher and the Slave.” (Click here to download.) Consistent with the spirit of these remarks, the cast of characters in our role play would be as follows:


You will eat, bye and bye,
In that glorious land above the sky;
Work and pray, live on hay,
You'll get pie in the sky when you die


You will eat, bye and bye,
When you've learned how to cook and how to fry;
Chop some wood, 'twill do you good
Then you'll eat in the sweet bye and bye

Despite being heavily exploited by U.S. Communists, the song is right on the money when applied to Ukraine. Of course, veganism has its moral and health merits. But hypocrisy does not. (Ditto elitism and kleptocracy.) Mr. Azarov clearly expects Ukrainians to stick to a vegetarian diet while the real “cabbage” ends up on the Party of Regions’ table.

Eating the crumbs off the Party of Regions’ table is not the kind of lifestyle that most Ukrainians want. Mr. Azarov, please don’t put this crap in our mouths while putting that cash in your pockets.

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elmer said...


UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I don't know who came up with your lyrics - it looks like you.


Along the lines of having always to wait for some other world for things to be better:

Woody Guthrie wrote a song called "This Land Is Your Land".

It was based on an old Carter Family tune, which dealt with how wonderful it was going to be in heaven.

Woody thought "Why do we always have to wait until heaven for life to be wonderful?"



An old Frank Sinatra song for you:

Nobody does it better than Sinatra.

But Sting and Chris Botti do it pretty well, jazz style.

Taras said...

Thank you for these wonderful songs, Elmer!:)

They really speak for millions of people worldwide, myself included! The “cabbage lovers” of the world need a liposuction. And we the people need more witty and philosophical songs like these:)

“The Preacher and the Slave” was written by Joe Hill.

Anonymous said...

Well, tell Azarov not to get to comfy over cabbage prices which only dipped due to harvest as elsewhere the prices are on the rise. The real test will be later during the winter and until harvest next yr.

Sharp price growth for cabbage is recorded on Russian Federation market


Lies, damned lies and stats.

Taras said...

Wow! Thank you, Luida:)!

You've just supplied a precious piece of market data. Looks like price pressures from Russia are going to eat a hole into Azarov’s cabbage cornucopia.

Anonymous said...

More on the cabbage story - denial from Azarov

"“I said to a previous news conference that prices on cabbage, as well as on butter, sugar, and other foodstuffs, slowed down. But mass media ignored this absolutely”, Azarov said.

“Well done! You used this cabbage with a good effect. I read and think: “am I really such a fool, such a stupid person to tell this nonsense?”, the Deputy Prime Minister complained."


Taras said...

In case he needs public feedback to confirm his own suspicions, he can always count on mine! IMHO, he really fits the description of the person he described.