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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Learning About the Holodomor on YouTube

This compilation of videos provides you with the facts and figures of the Holodomor. (H/t to Cybercossack.)

Some of these videos contain minor audiovisual inconsistencies with the timeline of events. But overall, they give an accurate picture and do a good job of raising awareness.

As the synopsis of the first video, a high school project, goes, “America learns slow...but so does the world.”

Oksana Bilozir
"Svicha" ("The Candle")

"Ne Spy Moya Ridna Zemlya" ("Do Not Fall Asleep, Native Land")

Public service announcement on Ukrainian state television


Pawlina said...

While it is sad that it has taken this long for Ukraine to so publicly acknowledge the Holodomor, it is nonetheless gratifying to see.

When all is said and done, Ukraine was not free to do until it finally declared independence. That was less than 20 years ago. And only a few years earlier the Ukrainian diaspora was just beginning to acknowledge it publicly.

Vichnaya pamyat.

Taras said...

Yes, the horror of the Holodomor took six decades to germinate into public knowledge. Now that humanity is slowly harvesting the repressed pages of history, it has no right not to know.