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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zvyahilsky Offers to Close Mine

Just listen to this open-minded guy:

I can’t provide any explanation for the accident that happened. If so many people die, and nobody knows the cause, maybe we really should close this mine.

Proactive, isn’t he?



elmer said...

It's a "mystery."

Except that mine safety around the world, and safety standards, have been well known for quite some time.

He won't close down the mine - it's too much money in the fat pig's pocket.

Have the miners never heard of unions?

Have the government officials never heard about promulgating safety standards?

Well, forget about the last one - they have, but they're not going to upset their own apple carts.

Taras said...

Sure, it’s a mystery. Kind of like the Bermuda Triangle.

Unions? You’re kidding. In Ukraine, “unions” is a misnomer. Are you familiar with the story of Ukraine’s top union leader? Here’s a little sketch.

In America, the miners’ families would sue the company down to its last penny. Of course, it’s a utopia in a stabilnist-infested country like Ukraine. But they should try.