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Friday, July 24, 2009

Yushchenko Climbs Mt. Hoverla

He first did it in 1972. Since then, he’s done it almost every year, completing his 35th climb on July 18.

Climbing Ukraine’s highest mountain has become something of a soul-searching ritual for him.

In 2004, it was a fighter's climb. In 2009, it’s more like a farewell climb.

Plus tons of trash.

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John Kalitka said...

The huge crowds are a bit unappealing, but I'm putting the hike on my "to do" list anyway. Our highest peakmight be a bit too advanced.

Ropi said...

Is it similar to climbing Mt Fuji in Japan?

Taras said...


Your highest peak looks a bit more challenging than ours! Anyway, you’re welcome to try out ours!


It probably is, except for the trash.