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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A DUI Mayor Hits a Woman in Donetsk Oblast (Updated)

If they don’t kill you in the mine, they can try to kill you outside.

On October 8, Yuriy Anisimov, 58, the dead-drunk mayor of Dymytrov, a town in Donetsk oblast, raced his KIA Cerato into Iryna Tymoshenko, 48, an employee of a local coal mine.

The woman was hospitalized with multiple injuries, including a concussion, broken teeth, fractured ribs and chest trauma. The mayor tried to flee the scene but was surrounded by his constituents, some of whom wished him death.

Police made sure he sustained no further injuries.

On October 20, the mayor was freed on bail. On October 22, the woman died.



Gabriela said...

And he almost tried to flee???!!!

How is the lady doing?

Anonymous said...

Taras, Don't know if you have seen the following but in case not ...


Taras said...


According to eyewitness accounts, yes. He tried to speed away. But as you can see, he was so drunk he could barely walk. The lady survived but will take months to recover and may end up disabled.


Thanks! I’ve seen it. I’ve even commented.