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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ukraine #85 Out of 182 on Human Development Index

Based on 2007 figures, one should add.

Which means that, given the 25% GDP contraction in Q1 2009 and the hryvnia's 60% devaluation, Ukraine's up-to-date ranking may be lower.

With real wages falling twofold, GDP per capita of $6,914 (PPP) — whatever its accuracy — is history now.



John Kalitka said...

You know this must have something to do with it....

Ropi said...

Hungarian GDP is a bit less than $20 000 (PPP) from 2008.

60% devaluation? Are you sure?

Taras said...


It’s just the tip of the iceberg:)!


Actually, I understated it. In April 2008, the hryvnia had appreciated from about 5.05/$ to about 4.60/$, before taking a nosedive. It now trades at about 8.5/$ and is the “worst performer among more than 170 currencies tracked by Bloomberg.”