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Friday, October 23, 2009

Tymoshenko Is a 'He' According to Her Google-Translated Website

If AKPD runs Tymoshenko’s campaign, they should consider rebranding to LMAO.

Holy cow! You can see for yourself. Hurry up before they pull this case study in arrogance and stinginess from her website!



Ropi said...

Maybe a computer translated it and it can't make difference between him and her.

Marta Salazar said...

is she abusing religion for political purposes?


Taras said...


Google Translate appears to be more likely, being the most popular free online translation service in Ukraine.

It would be unfair to single Tymoshenko out. Unlike European elites, Ukrainian elites rarely speak English. They’d rather spend millions of dollars on luxury watches, cars and villas than spend a few thousand dollars on decent English.

Just a few more examples:


You mean the translation? No, she’s not abusing religion. She’s only abusing her reputation:)

She’s using religion as an endorsement, a public relations ritual that many politicians perform from time to time.

With a strong but shaken electoral base in western Ukraine, she needs to reconnect with her Greek Catholic voters there.

elmer said...

Didn't she hire American campaign advisers, the same one that Obama used for his campaign?

Maybe she's not paying them enough.

I hope that Pope Benedict can accomplish for Ukraine the same as the Polish Pope accomplished for Poland.

Taras said...

It took her at least two days to complete that he-to-she sex reassignment surgery.

I bet she’s paying AKPD more than enough. All her top brass have nothing to complain about. By contrast, the folks further down the ladder obviously have to go on a tight budget. The bottom line: showy websites, shitty English.

After all, it’s the pride and joy of Ukrainian elites: buying the most expensive foreign clothing, cars, real estate, consultants and the cheapest domestic labor.

Ropi said...

Well, in Hungary English is not so wide-spread yet, which is not a great deal I think. My problem is no other language is wide-spread. It is compulsory to study languages but it is not so effective yet. On the other hand our movies are dubbed so there is no much use of a foreign language in Hungary. For example my father used to be good at Russian, he read books in Russian but after school, he didn't use it and forgot most of it. I also forgot Italian but I wasn't so professional. I could express myself in Italian but nothing special. Probably this will happen to my Spanish.

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