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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Governor, Wife Play (Taxpayers Pay)

Drinking and dancing on the taxpayers’ dime? Yes we can!

Ternopil Governor Valentyn Khoptyan: Look, we’re not celebrating Women’s Day, we...we were invited to [this place] where they have young talent, including those from the land of Ternopil, and I wanted to see...because the head of the oblast administration, he has to deal not just with industry, agriculture and the budget, but he also has to deal with life issues, ones pertaining to our region, including, including culture, health care, education, I mean, all those reforms that should be in progress today — there are 21 — ones that the president of our country has set forth. So this...that was, that was not a festive event and not recreation, that was a field trip, a learning experience, as it’s...the kind of work that’s done in Husyatyn Rayon (County), and, as you know, my wife is the chair of the rayon council there.

Reporter: Yes, I do know. So you bel[ieve] the report, they didn’t say it was a field trip of yours.
Governor: I’m telling you, I’m telling you: It was...

Reporter: In the report, they said it was the governor...
Governor: They were wrong. I’ was a field trip. And every time wherever I go, likewise, likewise, I always want to see our talent, and the land of Ternopil is rich in talent, both young and mature.

Reporter: Let me get this straight one more time. So making this report with state funding and showing it on state television, you believe, is absolutely acceptable?
Governor: It was a field trip of mine...and I...and we should be organizing this kind of work — the recreation of our people — in every rayon, city and village of our region.

What about all those people now making a living in Italy, Spain and Portugal?

How much more “recreation” do we need before this country runs out of people?


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